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COATINGSPRO SEPTEMBER 2018 27 and the contractor. e inspector is the key point in any contract and needs to address his or her actions to both the contractor and the client. ere's a saying in the industry that the contractor's favorite word is "overinspection," so the inspector always has to defend the way, why, and how to inspect an asset. A Good Partnership In the coatings industry, it's all about a good specification, a good contractor, and a good inspection. Without a well-written specifi- cation, a contractor can shoot holes through it, which means that an inspec- tor doesn't really have the teeth to hold the contractor to it. Without a skilled contractor, the inspector will constantly be fighting battles with him or her, and there are a lot of issues that may arise. A bad contractor will want to cut corners and won't be prepared to do the job. And once a contractor claims that the project has been overinspected, it' ll be up to the owner and inspector to defend the reasons why they did what they did. Without a knowledgeable, experi- enced, and trained coatings inspector, the owner may not get the value that he or she is paying for with regard to the work from the contractor and the service life of the asset. e inspector plays a key role in deciphering what the specification requirements are, what the hold points of the specifi- cation should be, and how to work with the contractor to achieve those specifications. e bottom line is that the inspector is not there to hinder or direct the contractor, but to make sure the contractor meets the owner's speci- fication and that the owner is getting the value that he or she paid for. In summary, you have to have a good specification, a good contractor, and a good inspector for each specific project to be done on time and within budget and to assure the owner's getting the expected service life of that coating. e ultimate goal with any job should be a working partnership between the owner, contractor, and inspector. CP Tony Serdenes, v ice president /reg iona l d irector of coat ings at GPI, is an SSPC Protect ive Coat ings Specia l ist, C-3 Super v isor/Competent Person for Delead ing of Indust r ia l St r uct ures, SSPC Br idge Coat ings Inspector Level 1, NACE Cer t if ied Coat ings Inspector Level 3, and C-2 Planning and Specif y ing Indust r ia l Coat ing. For more infor ma- t ion, contact: Tony Serdenes, tserdenes@g Inspector's Corner REVOLUTIONARY CERAMIC EPOXIES FAST DRYING. SELF-HEALING. EASY TO APPLY. BETTER FROM THE INSIDE OUT For complete product specifications and test data on our entire line of Induron's ceramic epoxy coatings, call your rep today! P.O. Box 2371 Birmingham, Alabama 35201-2371 (800) 324-9584 | Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0918

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