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Two new storage facilities in Pittsburgh were being worked on at the same time. The epoxy-based coating systems covered a total of 6,163 sq. ft. (572.6 m²) at the Robinson and Ross Township locations. Feature 36 SEPTEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM I Storage Wars: Fighting the Cold to Coat Two Floors BY STEPHANIE MARIE CHIZIK PHOTOS COURTESY WEXFORD CONTRACTING, LLC I t was the middle of winter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when Wexford Contracting started work on the coating projects at two locations for Beyond Self Storage. A lthough the city is often referred to as Steel City, it was the concrete floors that needed to be coated before the buildings could be opened to the public. According to Wexford Vice President Jim Roach, the client had used coatings in previous facilities, and they weren't happy with the results. "So they kind of came to us to decide if they wanted to keep going with coatings or if they wanted to do away with the coatings," he said. "And we were able to confidently tell them that they should stick with the coatings, that it would improve the look of the facility as well as the performance." Despite having similar setups and being about only 8 miles (12.9 km) apart as the crow flies, the simultaneous projects had to be treated as separate installations. ey included dual approaches: two crews, two mobilizations, and two strategies. Each project had to be completed in the same eight days, and the crews had to cover all 6,163 square feet (572.6 m²) of slab. Hopefully, it wouldn't be double trouble for the coatings crews! Doors Open Wexford Contracting was brought into the project by a business collaborator, ImageWorks Painting, out of nearby Freeport, Pennsylvania. T hey've been doing business together going on three years now. "ImageWorks takes care of all the painting for the Beyonds," explained Roach. " T hey take care of all the vertical and ceiling work and all that stuff, and we take care of the f loor." T he national storage chain needed quick turnarounds on the two locations, but although the Wexford crews arrived onsite to well-poured concrete f loors, they still had to overcome a few challenges — one of which had to be handled right from the start. e cold weather in the 'Burgh, combined with a lack of heating in the yet-to-be-finished facilities and that quick CONCRETE FLOOR EPOXY

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