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42 SEPTEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM humidity. "If you've got anything beyond that, you're talking about actual water," Roach said. "So you're pretty much mitigat- ing a moisture issue before it happens, so to speak." e crew used marks on the floor to show the coverage rates that each layer should hit. e next layer was GP 3526, a cold-cure, self-leveling epoxy. e crew applied the epoxy at an average of 150 square feet per gallon (3.7 m²/L) using squeegees and rollers, again from Sherwin-Williams, and they hand broad- cast sand to rejection into the wet coating. Any excess sand — a 20-40 mesh — was cleaned up the next day using a SASE Bull 300 vacuum, but other than that, there wasn't much prep between each layer of the system. "Pretty much once you start that coating process, you're trucking," Roach explained. e final layer was the GP 4850 polyaspartic topcoat. "We use the polyaspartic because of the extended recoat window to do our paint lines on top of that. e fast cure for the lower temperatures really helps, too," Roach explained. "So we were able to put that topcoat down and then jump right back on it to do our paint lines to turn it over." at gray topcoat was applied at an average of 100 square feet per gallon (2.5 m²/L). In general, the coatings were laid dow n starting from one garage door and finishing at the other door on the opposite side of the building. T hey crossed over that direction w ith the backrolling. A lso, each crew member is cross-trained to be able to work in different roles on the jobsite, but once the job starts and ever yone has been assigned a role, they tend to stay in that role until the end. According to Roach, that " keeps ever y- body in a groove." e team met before the day started to stay on target together. On this project, they used job sheets with the process "We put our best coating guys on this job," said Wexford Vice President Jim Roach. With a few hiccups throughout the project, it was helpful to have those crew members on the case! Storage Floors

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