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COATINGSPRO SEPTEMBER 2018 43 printed out on it because the Internet service wasn't good enough for a digital version. "at goes out in the very begin- ning of the job, and then basically at every major step, we have another team meeting just to go over tasks, PPE [personal protective equipment], safety, everything else," Roach said. PPE during the coatings application included gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs, and steel-toed boots, for example. Because there was no coving on this project, the crew stopped the coating system at the edge of the storage units and hallways. is system was for the driving areas only. And before the white directional paint went down, the crew pulled the tape off of the perimeters of the room and off of the columns that they'd set up at the beginning for a clean edge. Finally, it was time to move on to applying the directional painting. The Best Guys " We put our best coating guys on this job," Roach said. "[Because of ] the fast turnaround, we needed ever ybody to be working in step altogether. If we had any hiccups, we knew that was going to blow that schedule out. Ever y coating job shows its challenges through the process. T he guys that we had on this job were the guys that we knew could take care of any issues that came up." T hat abi lit y to solve problems came up dur ing the f ina l stage of the project when the crew had to apply the d irec- tiona l lines. "Beyond has a pretty specific layout of how they want some drive lines and cross hatching for pedestrian areas, cart storage, and whatnot. So we did some drive lanes, and we did a bunch of big arrows to show the direction of travel as well as a lot of cross hatching," Roach said. ey used tape to mark off and make crisp edges, and they rolled on the paint. is step was " intense," according to him. "ere were a few slight discrepancies when it came to the prints that got enlarged, so the guys had to think on their feet as far as what was best for the space. ey obviously double checked with the Beyond people to make sure everything passed inspection," Roach explained. But the crew was up to the task — and thank goodness, because according to him, "ey didn't have time to really wait." Now w ith both Ross and Robinson Tow nships complete, according to Beyond Self Storage, they're making moves to add three more self-storage facilities to the Pittsburgh area soon. Hopefully these two f loors convinced Beyond Self Storage that coatings can offer a protective and aesthetically pleasing finish. CP Storage Floors Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0918

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