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COATINGSPRO SEPTEMBER 2018 73 solid epoxy linings for tanker cars. e MIXPAC MixCoat Manual model used for stripe coating features a lightweight design with a unique brush assembly on a manual dispenser, which greatly increases stripe coating productivity and speed. e system can be used with both aliphatic urethane and high-solid epoxies. Unlike drill mix systems, the MixCoat Manual does not require pre-mixing or metering of components. With this system, components are kept separate until forced through the static mixer. Cartridges are available for 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, and 4:1 ratios. For more information, contact: Sulzer, (517) 339-3330, Acrylic Metal Primer for High-Humidity Environments Dunn-Edwards has introduced Enduraprime as a single-component, water-borne, acrylic metal primer. With ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the product provides superior resistance from corrosion and early flash rust in high-humidity environments. With SPF Adhesive for Adhering Membranes to Substrates e DUOTACK SPF Adhesive is a low pressure, two-component spray polyurethane foam (SPF) adhesive specially formulated by SOPREMA for adhering SENTINEL HFB membranes to approved substrates, as well as adhering insulation and coverboards to approved substrates or together. e product was developed to provide application benefits, such as additional coverage and faster flow rates, for rooftop projects. It comes in a kit, containing both A and B side components, a hose, and a nozzle kit. e kit includes a 25-foot (7.6 m) hose and application gun with replace- ment nozzles. For more information, contact: SOPREMA, (330) 334-0066, Cartridge-Based System for Railway Applications Sulzer Mixpac USA, Inc. is offering the MIXPAC MixCoat cartridge-based system for railway applications, includ- ing stripe coating of rail car exteriors and the application of 100-percent Polyspartic Topcoat for Industrial Floors EC-102 is the newest fast-drying, high-performance, polyaspartic topcoat from Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems. Originally designed to combat tire staining and plasticizer migra- tion, EC-102 is expected to emerge as a highly competitive topcoat in the polyaspartic marketplace. e product is a two-component, 80-percent solids topcoat that provides a non-yellowing, high-gloss, fast-drying, medium-build finish with strong wear resistance. It should only be applied where high odor and flammable materials are permit- ted. Potential applications include industrial floors, such as garage and tire service areas, since the coating is designed to combat tire staining. For more information, contact: Westcoat, (800) 250-4519, New & Noteworthy Send information and photos (transparencies, prints, or high-res JPG digital files at 300dpi) to Editor, CoatingsPro Magazine, 4501 Mission Bay Dr., Ste. 2G, San Diego, CA 92109 or by e-mail with attachments to Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0918

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