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COATINGSPRO SEPTEMBER 2018 75 coat, is t y pica lly dr y to hand le w ithin t wo hours. It is easy to apply and ready to spray w ithout thinning, and it produces a smooth and durable finish, according to the manufacturer. "Carboquick 200 a lso prov ides ver y good color and gloss retention in U V [ultrav iolet] ex posure," said Jeff A nderson, v ice president of research, development, and innovation. T he coating, which offers corrosion protection and weatherabilit y, is t y pically applied at 6 to 10 mils (152.4‒254.0 microns) dr y film thick- ness (DFT). For more infor mation, contact: Carboline, (314) 64 4 -1000, w w Field System for Gas Detection Monitoring LumaSense Technologies, Inc. released the INNOVA 1512 monitor for multi- gas monitoring in field, process, or lab conditions. T he INNOVA 1512 replaces the INNOVA 1412i and 3434i and joins the LumaSense INNOVA family of gas monitors, leveraging photoacous- tic spectroscopy and non-dispersive infrared technologies to accurately determine gas concentrations. T he system is based on the photoacous- tic infrared detection method, and it can measure almost any gas that absorbs infrared light. Gas selec- tivity of over 300 gases is achieved by selecting specially designed and selected multi-element optical filters. With the capability to install up to five filters, the 1512 can measure the concentration of up to five compo- nent gases and water vapor in any air sample. For more information, contact: LumaSense, (408) 727-1600, w w Electronic Leak Detection for Roofing, Waterproofing Membranes SKA Consulting Engineers announced the IntegriScan+ electronic leak detection system as the newest service offering from its building solutions group. e product is a quality control electronic leak detection (ELD) testing service designed to confirm the integrity of a waterproofing/roofing membrane instal- lation. e product uses low-voltage ELD scanning equipment, which is operated on a wet surface. e IntegriScan+, which utilizes a mobile platform to isolate the test area, can test up to 40,000 square feet (3,716.1 m 2 ) per day. Using a roller and sponge, the technology can scan vertical membranes and is detailed with wall junctions, perimeter details, and membrane penetrations. For more infor- mation, contact: SKA Consulting Engineers, (704) 424-9663, New Mobile Time-Tracking Application Building upon its project management and document control expertise, eSUB Construction Software announced the release of eSUB Time, a new employee time-tracking mobile application. Previously, eSUB customers entered labor hours and unit productivity information within eSUB's daily reports. But based on customer demand for an employee punch in and punch out mobile application, the new system builds upon the company's mobile-first strategy. With eSUB Time, employees record their time, view and edit their time sheets, and submit them for approval directly from their mobile device. Paper time cards are no longer needed. Most importantly, employees and office staff can add comments to time cards and engage in real-time conver- sations to resolve disputes quickly. For more information, contact: eSUB, (800) 493-3782, New Products & Services Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0918

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