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10 SEPTEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM CoatingsPro, September 2018 Volume 18, Number 5 is published six times per year with one special issue annually for a total of seven for free to qualified subscribers by NACE International, 4501 Mission Bay Dr, Suite 2G, San Diego, CA 92109. Postmaster please send address changes to PO Box 16495, North Hollywood CA 91615-9942. © All contents copyright 2018 by NACE International. This publication allows its authors the fullest latitude in expressing opinions on controversial subjects so that its readers will be better informed. The views and conclusions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and not necessarily those of this publication. There is no warranty as to the legality, completeness or accuracy of the information contained herein. Reproduction in whole or in part of any part of this publication without the prior written consent of the publisher is prohibited. Editorial contributions are welcome. Publisher reserves the right to use materials at his discretion, and reserves the right to edit material to meet the publication's requirements. Contributor's act of sending a contribution shall constitute an express warranty that the material is original and does not infringe on the rights of others, and that the publisher is granted every right to reproduce said material. Group Publisher Eliina Lizarraga,, +1 858-768-0828 Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Marie Chizik Technical Editor Malcolm McNeil Contributing Editor Jack Innis Staff Writer Ben DuBose Editorial Assistant Anthony Punt Product Manager, Electronic Media Husna Miskinyar Contributors Anna Anderson, Jon R. Cavallo, Jennifer Frakes, Chris Nath, Lisa Ryan, Tony Serdenes, Anthony David Tilton, Dean Wall, Christa Youngpeter Copy Editors Julie Berr y, Robin Cheslock Editorial Advisory Group Daniel Ash (Flowcrete Group Ltd.), Robert Nash, Jr. (Greener Blast Technologies, Inc.), Branwyn Rhodes (BrandSafway), David Welte (GreenPROChicago, Inc.), Roland A. Vierra (FLOORING FORENSICS Inc.) Art Director Rey Galza ADVERTISING SALES Sales Manager Diane Gross, +1 281-228-6446 Account Executive Jody Lovsness, +1 281-228-6257 Account Executive Daniel Vincent, +1 7 70-437-0861 Account Executive Eric Freer, +1 281-228-6292 Advertising Coordinator Brenda Nitz, +1 281-228-6219 DIRECT LETTERS, EDITORIAL QUERIES, COMMENTS, AND PHOTOS TO: CoatingsPro Magazine 4501 Mission Bay Dr., Ste. 2G San Diego, C A 92109 (858) 768-0828 Beneath the Surface The Art of Balance I n all issues of CoatingsPro, we cover projects from the contrac- tor's point of view on three different substrates: concrete, steel, and roofs. We also break down the feature stories so that we are covering 50 percent commercial and 50 percent industrial applications. It's not an easy balance to strike, but we know it's worthwhile, because although we can never be everything to everyone, we believe that this is the way to get you the right amount of coverage of the overall coatings industry. T he projects that we feature in ever y issue might not overlap w ith what you do 100 percent, but throughout the pages of Coat ingsPro Magazine, you shou ld be able to glean severa l nug gets of infor mation straight f rom your peers' mouths to ta ke back w ith you to the jobsite. If you're a three-man company apply ing acr ylic-based coatings on roof tops, there's a project that might pique your interest. A nd if you're a project manager of a mu lti-bi l lion-dol lar company that recoats steel g irders on br idges, you can hopef u l ly f ind infor- mation in a feature stor y that applies to your company. Four Features To hit that right balance in this issue, we're featuring four projects that tell the story from the hand that holds the spray gun, squeegee, or brush. Covering the roofing substrate is our feature story on 20-gauge metal panels. e applicators sprayed the Stephanie Marie Chizik Editor-in-Chief coating onto this iconic red roof, details of which you can find on page 62. en, we hit the concrete deck with our coverage of two new self-storage facility floors: one reinforced by fibers and one without fibers. at feature is found on page 36. For this issue's steel substrate, we're highlighting various areas around a silo at a concrete mixing facility (page 56). Even the winds off of Lake Michigan couldn't keep this crew down. And to even out the commercial and industrial halves, we're featur- ing a polyurea coating system on a man-made lake in Florida. Life's a beach when you have the right materi- als and necessary spray equipment to waterproof concrete. at article can be found on page 46. Finding the Connection T he point of finding the balance w ith our articles is to ensure that all of our readers can relate to something in each issue. T his is important to us. We want ever y person who picks up a copy of CoatingsPro to connect — to feel as though we're speaking to you. Because we are! So drop us a line and let us know how we're doing. In the meantime, happy coating! CP

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