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COATINGSPRO ROOF COATINGS 2018 23 To simplify the decision-making process, some compa- nies offer complete packages for all the various spray equip- ment required. For instance, SprayWorks recently introduced a new 20-foot (6.1 m) Roofing Rig as a solution for contractors wanting increased portability for large-scale projects requir- ing high-output plural component machines. According to SprayWorks, many commercially designed rigs are longer and require heavier tongue weight. e rig includes a combination of Gusmer/Graco and PMC equipment, including the Spraybot robot applicator; PMC's AP-3 Spray Gun; four barrel racks equipped with SprayWorks' Barrel Blazer drum heaters; up to 320 feet (97.5 m) of hose; a Gusmer H-20/35 GH-2 Reactor hydraulic proportioner; and more. e spraying portion of a job often requires paying more attention to the workers themselves in the form of PPE. "It's not just about the guy who has the spray gun but anyone who is helping to handle the hose or who is in proximity to spray- ing," said PMC's Mahaffey. "ey all need to be properly outfit- ted. e sprayers should have all of their exposed skin areas covered up, and they should have a forced air hood so they're getting fresh air not contaminated by the spray. People on the hose will also have their skin covered and have full-face-piece respirators to ensure there's no exposure to the chemical." On some jobs, overspray concerns due to wind or the presence of cars or people immediately beneath the jobsite could make spraying untenable. "Spraying is certainly the most efficient, so I think most commercial installers look to spray," said Icynene-Lapolla's Kramer. "Spraying will give you greater productivity. But you have to consider the surround- ing area. If you're spraying on top of a car dealership, for example, overspray is a big consideration." "If at all possible, spraying gives you better patterns and more even coverage," Kramer added. "But in the details, a lot of times brushing or rolling is necessary." W hen spraying isn't the best option for the particu- lar project or when other equipment is necessary for those nooks and crannies, manufacturers of brushes, rollers, and squeegees include e Brush Man, Magnolia Brush, Seymour Midwest, and e Wooster Brush Company. Association Assistance If the volume of technological options to consider for a rooftop coatings project seem overwhelming, that's where associations such as RCMA and the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRC A) can be valuable resources. RCMA is the national trade association representing the manufacturers of asphaltic and solar reflective roof coatings and the suppliers of materials, equipment, and/or services to the industry. RCMA has more than 70 members who manufacture or supply roof coating products, and the group maintains industry expertise in building codes and standards, technical research, and end-user education. RCMA's members strive to advance the roof coatings industry through technological development and improved scientific knowledge of their products' capabilities. RCMA has many groups aimed at bringing the industry together to address the most pressing challenges, includ- ing a government affairs committee with a VOC task force; a technical affairs committee with task forces on codes and standards and sustainability; a communications, education, Spray is another popular application method for roof coatings, and it brings its own set of considerations, such as hose length, gun type and tips (such as this PX7 from PMC), overspray, and safety gear. For sprayers, the rig used to transport equipment and materials to and from the jobsite may be an important consideration. Drums, guns, hoses, and proportioners can be held in rigs, such as those from SprayWorks. Roofing Projectss continued on page 38 Roofing Projects

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