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COATINGSPRO ROOF COATINGS 2018 31 SPONSORED CONTENT New Preventative Silicone and Acrylic Commercial Coatings Extend Roof Life Spans All rooftops undergo natural weathering during their life spans, but commercial building owners may have more options for delaying that degradation process than they think. A new collection of silicone and acrylic products from SOPREMA,® known as ALSAN® Coatings, now allows facility owners to signifi cantly extend the life spans of existing commercial roofs, protecting buildings longer while decreasing energy consump- tion costs through rooftop temperature reductions. ALSAN Coatings extend the life of existing leak-free roofs and can be applied to a variety of substrates at an economical price point. ey are highly refl ective, prevent- ing premature aging caused by UV rays and reducing energy consumption and costs as rooftop temperatures decline. In the process, they also help minimize environmental impact, thanks to low-VOC content and their ability to reduce landfi ll waste associated with tear-off s. Rather than waiting for problems to arise, commercial building owners—especially those concerned about both the cost and disruption to building occupants that come with a roofi ng replacement—are choosing to take a proactive approach to rooftop maintenance when they apply a refl ective, weather-resistant coating to their rooftops. For a better under- standing of what that process looks like, consider the case of the Potomac Transportation Center in Dumfries, Virginia. Rejuvenating a School System Facility A part of Prince William County Public Schools, the Potomac Transportation Center had an existing roof that showed no signs of immediate problems but was aging nonetheless. e decision was made to apply a preventive coating to extend the life span of the roof before complications could arise, weath- erproofi ng the building long term. Northeast Contracting Corporation was selected to carry out the 6,600-square-foot job, and ALSAN Coatings were selected as the ideal solution. To ensure the current roofi ng material was prepared properly for the new system, ALSAN A ll-Purpose Cleaner was used to provide a clean start. Next, a layer of ALSAN Coating Rust Inhibitive Primer was applied to enhance the adhesion of the coating layers to come. en came installation of ALSAN Coating SIL 402 Flashing and ALSAN Coating SIL 402—a low-VOC, high-solids, single-component silicone roof coating that forms a durable weatherproof coating for exceptional UV protection and resistance to standing water. Once cured, these products provided the Potomac Transportation Center with a clean, durable, long-lasting weatherproof coating. e Potomac Transportation Center is an example of a fairly standard ALSAN Coatings application, but there are other product options available to commercial building owners interested in extending the life of their low-slope roofs as well. For example, ALSAN Coating AC 401—a high-quality, plasticizer-free, water-based, acrylic elasto- meric roof coating tested in accordance to ASTM D-6083— is an alternative to ALSAN Coating SIL 402 that features outstanding fl exibility. A range of additional primers and supporting products is also available. Replacing a roof is no small or inexpensive task, and preventative coatings are a great way to diminish the frequency with which these projects are necessary. Expect to see increased investment in solutions like these in the near future. In the meantime, if you're interested in learning more about the weatherproof commercial roofi ng coatings, visit, or call (330) 334-0066. SOPREMA 310 Quadral Dr. Hudson, OH 44281 (330) 334-0066 Company Profile: SOPREMA

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