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COATINGSPRO ROOF COATINGS 2018 33 Step 4: Assessment Take into account ever ything you learned about the roof throughout the inspection process, and advise the owner whether or not a restoration is an option for this roof. Each roof is different, so you should expect that the solution will be specific to that roof. You will need to take into account the type of substrate and which roof coating technologies will be compatible with those materials. You may also want to discuss how long different systems can be expected to last, warranty options, environmental concerns, potential tax credits and energ y rebates, and which system is best for that geographic area. This will require research on your end. Additionally, you may want to evaluate how a restoration system can provide additional benefi ts, such as increased energy effi ciency, exceptional waterproofi ng integrity, reduced roof life cycle cost, and reduced wear and tear on rooftop heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. Armed with a wealth of reliable information about the condition of the client's roof, you should be able to work in concert with the chosen coating manufacturer to provide a solid, fact-based quote that can eliminate costly surprises down the road while simultaneously resulting in a timely preservation of the roof. Unique Challenges A ll roofs are not created equal. T hey were made using differ- ent materials, they have been maintained differently, and they exhibit unique challenges. It w ill take a lot of informa- tion to determine whether your client's roof is a good candi- date for a roof restoration. Gather information, inspect under the roof deck, inspect the topside of the roof, and make conclusions about the potential solutions that might make the most sense for the roof ow ner. CP Gerry Chavez is the marketing leader for Henr y Roof Restoration. A n indus- try veteran, Chavez works with his Henry colleagues to provide building envelope system solutions for commercial building. For more information, contact: Henry Company, Not all roofs need to be replaced, and not all roofs can be restored. Gather information, complete visual inspections from below and above, and assess the roof before making this decision. Restoration Opportunities

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