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COATINGSPRO ROOF COATINGS 2018 5 SPONSORED CONTENT GAF 1 Campus Drive Parsippany, NJ 07054 (973) 628-3000 GAF StreetBond ® DuraShield Pavement Coating GAF StreetBond® DuraShield Pavement Coating, part of the StreetBond® family of products, is a high-quality acrylic polymer formula designed to enhance and protect asphalt surfaces. DuraShield features an acr ylic poly mer for mu la that is eng ineered to prov ide excel- lent protection against wear, especia l ly in high-traf f ic areas such as dr iveways, park ing lots, and pla zas. It a lso helps prov ide protec- tion against aspha lt deg radation due to ox ida- tion f rom ex posure to U V rays and water. DuraShield 's water-based for mu la is low odor. DuraShield a lso reduces f r iction caused by leav ing ex posed ag g regates in aspha lt, and prov ides traction for both foot and vehic le traf f ic. DuraShield 's A spha lt and Solar Gray colors a lso help reduce sur face temperatures. In add ition, GA F StreetBond® DuraShield Pavement Coating is easy and fast to apply. Because it is a water- based for mu la, c leanup requires no solvents, which can reduce d isposa l costs of mater ia ls af ter each job. It can be insta l led using a standard textured sprayer, br ush, rol ler, or squeegee, and its quick dr y ing times minimize inter- r uption and a l low you to retur n to the area faster. You can combine DuraShield w ith StreetBond® SB150 Pavement Coating to create a comprehensive park ing lot solution. So why choose DuraShield? Excel lent durabi lit y, fast and easy insta l lation, and exceptiona l f lex ibi lit y to confor m to aspha lt sur faces combine to ma ke DuraShield the idea l choice for high-traf f ic aspha lt sur faces, inc lud ing residentia l and commercia l dr iveways, park ing lots, pla zas, and more. Company Profile: GAF

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