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7 COATINGSPRO ROOF COATINGS 2018 7 Hyload Inc. Adds to Products with Acquisition of Elastikote Hyload Inc. (800) 457-4056,, Wadsworth, OH – March 10, 2017 – Hyload Inc., manufac- turer and supplier of roofi ng and waterproofi ng solutions, announced its acquisition of ElastiKote LLC, designer and manufacturer of VOC exempt solvent-based roofi ng and waterproofi ng fl uid applied coating. is acquisition will allow Hyload to expand on its mission to provide customers with high-performance, top-quality roofi ng, waterproofi ng, and masonry solutions. Hyload's current product off ering includes through-wall fl ashing, membrane roofi ng, waterproofi ng and green roof systems. With the acquisition, Elastikote is an ideal addition to Hyload's product line with its high-performance fl uid applied coating for roofi ng and waterproofi ng. e seamless, watertight fl uid applied coating accentuates both of Hyload's current segments, roofi ng and waterproofi ng. It also provides roofi ng system applicators with the option to use a roller, or a sprayer, instead of a membrane, which is often preferred when it comes to time and cost effi ciency. According to Dave Afanador, Business Development Manager at Hyload, Elastkote's products specifi cally serve to extend the life of an existing roof, as well as adding light refl ec- tivity. " is product can be rolled or sprayed over the entire roof surface, new, or old, and, depending on the condition of the existing substrate, may extend its life for over 10 years," says Afanador. e coating can be used on any type of roof chemistry, from metal to asphalt based roofi ng. Elastikote's fl uid coating also has an option for higher refl ectivity, a feature that's in high demand as an energy-effi - cient solution for both residential and commercial buildings. "While marketed as a commercial coating product, Elastikote will also be integrated into the residential, and construction distribution side of the business," Afanador says, and this also provides applicators with more options, since some may prefer a fl uid over an existing membrane system. Moving forward, Afanador says that "We continue to strive to provide excellent solutions to the market and this product line is part of it, we plan to continue adding more product off erings in the next few years." Interested in learn- ing more about Elastikote's product capabilities? Visit their website for more information. Dave Jentzsch, General Manager of both Blair Rubber, and Hyload adds that "this acquisition will round out an already successful, high quality product off ering for our customers." About Hyload Inc. Since 1982, Hyload has produced membranes that "Keep the Elements Out", protecting the building envelope against water intrusion damage. With its corporate offi ce in Seville, Ohio and manufacturing based in Wadsworth, Ohio, Hyload launched by producing high-performance Dupont™ Elvaloy® thermo- plastic membranes for low-slope roofi ng. e company has since expanded production to include waterproofi ng, masonry thru-wall fl ashing, and green roofi ng systems, as well as Marwrap mold resistant pipe wrap. Roofi ng Company Expands Product Line with Watertight, Energy Effi cient Fluid Applied Solutions SPONSORED CONTENT Company Profile: HYLOAD

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