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24 NOVEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM It is common to find that existing buildings have had suspended or mounted service equipment added since their initial construction. This equipment could include fire sprin- kler systems; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equip- ment; plumbing; lighting; ceilings; and insulation. The weight of suspended materials and equipment can be significant, and the original 20 PSF (97.6 kg/m²) live load could easily be reduced to 10 PSF (48.8 kg/ m²). The result is simply that the building is no longer compliant with the building code governing the life safety of its inhabitants. • Miscellaneous: Additional items that can be cause for a more thorough review include change of occupancy, need for higher thermal resistance to reduce energy costs, and need to "harden" the building to protect the contents by increasing the wind or snow load capacity of the roof. Other Options When a roof coating contractor is presented with one or more of these cases, and it looks as if coating may not be the best solution (despite price), what should he or she do? –ere are several other retro—t options that may be right for the roof, such as a new metal roof recover (removal and replacement), a thermoplastic polyole—n (TPO) overlay, or a metal-over-metal retro—t system. All of these have bene—ts and drawbacks, but if a coating cannot be used on a roof — whether because of corrosion, thermal movement, penetra- tions, additional weight, or another challenge — one of these options may be the best solution for your client. As the roo—ng professional, it's up to you to do additional research, call other profes- sionals, and —nd the best solution. CP D N is a co-founder of Roof Hug ger, Inc. He is a lso a past cha ir man of t he Meta l Const r uct ion A ssociat ion (MC A) and cur rent ly ser ves on t he Technica l Committee of t he Meta l Bu i ld ing Manufact urers A ssociat ion (MBM A). He is a l icensed cont ractor in t he state of Flor id a. Nelson has been in t he meta l const r uct ion indus- t r y for more t han 40 years and involved in mi l l ions of square feet of new bu i ld ing const r uct ion and ret rof itt ing of e x ist ing meta l roofs. For more infor- mat ion, contact: Roof Hug ger, LLC, (800) 771-1711, w w w.roof hug Notes From the Field HIGH PERFORMANCE COATINGS SINCE 1976 • 800-635-3773 DecoEssence 'HFRUDWLYHWKUHHFRDWV\VWHPWKDWFRPELQHVDVSHFL¿FDOO\IRUPXODWHGPHWDOOLFSLJPHQWEOHQG ZLWKDWZRFRPSRQHQWFOHDUSRO\PHUPDWUL[WRSURGXFHDGXUDEOHDQGVHDPOHVVVXUIDFHZLWK LQFUHGLEOHGHSWKDQGYLEUDQF\%\LQFRUSRUDWLQJYDULRXVDSSOLFDWLRQWHFKQLTXHVWKHÀRRUFDQEH ¿QLVKHGZLWKPDQ\RQHRIDNLQG¿QLVKHVDQGWH[WXUHVZKHUHDXQLTXHDSSHDUDQFHLVGHVLUHG 7KLVÀRRUV\VWHPLVLPSHUYLRXVWRPRVWFRPPRQFKHPLFDOVDQGSURYLGHVDGXUDEOHVXUIDFHWKDW UHTXLUHVPLQLPXPPDLQWHQDQFH Advantages: • Can be applied over old or new concrete • Durable surface that is easy to clean and maintain • Seamless and sanitary with good chemical and stain resistance • (DFKÁRRULVXQLTXHDQGFDQEH ÀQLVKHGZLWKDPDWWHVDWLQRU gloss urethane topcoat Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q1118

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