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26 NOVEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Specifying Success T raditional speciers use product reps to get the job done and are able to recog- nize that a good product rep is pure gold. ese reps understand their products and, although they may not know the chemistry behind that latest adhesive or resin, they know how to get in contact with the technical people at the factory who do. A good rep is willing to review and comment on a product choice that provides an even playing eld. Of course, reps would probably prefer a proprietary spec, but government and large institutions require open specs, and they understand that. Reps want their products used, and a good one will realize that giving the specier good value and fair advice up front will pay o• tenfold in the future as he or she becomes a trusted agent in the contact's list. e best product reps follow through beyond the initial listing of their product in the spec or sale of product to the trade subcontractor. For products that require eld testing or verication for warranty coverage, the product rep's diligence in the eld may save the team — the architectural rm, owner, general contractor, and sub — from a warranty failure that may be unpleasant and costly initially but innitely cheaper than a call back after the building is occupied. But good allies don't stop with the product reps. ere are a few other allies that the specier should consider using on his or her team. Unknown Allies Trade organizations and industry associations work to promote their trade or product and to elevate the quality — and therefore quantity — of work for their trade by advocating to the public and government. ey produce standards and provide a plethora of educational material for their trade association members. Everyone in the industry, not just those association members, should attend educational sessions put on by these associations. We should sign up for the newsletters and talk to the associ- ation representatives. Many of the technical resource personnel at these organizations have spent long years in the trenches themselves. Some associ- ation standards have been adopted nationally, and that knowledge will be required to produce a good specica- tion. ey're gold mines. Additionally, many organizations o•er certications that can help you in your career and, incidentally, provide a large quantity of valuable information. e Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC), Construction Speciers Institute (CSI), American General Contractors (AGC), and American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE) all o•er a range of educational The best product reps follow through beyond the initial listing of their product in the spec or sale of product to the trade subcontractor. By Marc Chavez, FCSI, AIA, CCS, CCCA, Technical Director at Perkins+Will Your Known Allies

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