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28 NOVEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM goes for all involved in a project — from drafter to project manager. So if it is a truism, why is it that it is constantly being forgotten? Speciers can get too far in the weeds and forget that this small tenant improvement may not need the 15-page sealant specication. •e specier must learn whether a task is a forest task or a tree task, and it may be a constant challenge for the detail-oriented specier. It's important to remember when specifying that all the standards and tests in the world will not get a building built. W hen writing a specication, think about what the client can a ord and what tests and verications are possible and practical. If you're not sure, don't be embarrassed to ask. It's always better to ask lots of questions before it's built than to be asked embar- rassing questions after it's failed. Forging Ahead How do you know what questions to ask? Ask someone who's been there. If you can find someone in the industr y who can guide and advise you, take advantage of that possibility. A mentor has run this path already and, although some of the landscape is changing and changing quick ly, the vagaries of the career path are still ver y similar. T here may not be an older and w iser version of you at hand. Remember this is a large industr y: Is there someone in an allied field w ith similar interests or outlook? Maybe consider even someone on the other side of the table, such as a contractor. T he conversation and learning that would occur between such a paring of mentor and mentee would be worth a consideration! •e greatest success in this quickly changing industry is the sure and certain knowledge that there is always something more to learn. As the industry changes, there will be no mentor who has done exactly what you are doing. But don't give up hope. Find someone with an open mind who will ask you embarrassing questions and who will challenge your assumptions and those of this article. If you nd that person, utilize him or her to forge a path forward. CP M C, FCSI, A I A , CCS, CCC A , is a techni- ca l d irector at Perk ins+Wi l l. He has been involved in t he creat ion of a w ide var iet y of new bu i ld ings and histor ic restorat ions. His e x per t ise in architec- t ura l pract ice is centered on document product ion, specif icat ions, and const r uct ion management. He has been act ively conduct ing mater ia l research for const r uct ion for more t han 20 years. For more infor mat ion, contact: Marc Chavez, (206) 939-4924, marc.chavez@perk insw i l > 800.621.2777 DECON TRAILERS VACUUMS DUST COLLECTORS BLAST POTS Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q1118

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