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30 NOVEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Safety Watch P eyton Manning's work ethic is legendary. He's been blessed with the prized physical attributes most Hall of Fame quarterbacks possess. And some people would be satised to rely on those physical gifts to get them through, but not Peyton. He has an insatiable desire to nd the next level. And the next level, and the next level… When Sunday comes around, he is ready for work. He's put in his mental homework.-He's watched count- less hours of game lm. He's had the playbook memorized in and out for years. He knows the defense and the tendencies of the players on the defense. He's ready for work mentally. He's put in hours of physical preparation.-He's done a countless amount of repetitions in the gym. His nutrition regimen is as impressive as his work ethic. He's put in so many throwing reps over the years, his body remembers just what to do to get that perfectly tight spiral. He's ready for work physically. Your team members may have an amazing work ethic, too, but are they ready for work? …e employees at your company probably aren't Hall of Fame-bound quarterbacks, but they are athletes — they are workplace athletes, and they must be mentally and physically ready for work. Like Peyton, their health, safety, and work performance depends on it. And, in turn, so does your compa- ny's health, safety, and productivity. The Preparation Ritual W hat is the last thing Peyton Manning does before he takes the eld on Sundays? He goes through his pre-game stretching and warm-up routine to prepare his body and mind for the game. It's the nal ritual in his prepa- ration for work, and he never misses it. Neither do any of his teammates or other teams around the league. Workplace athletes should prepare themselves for work in a similar way with-"pre-shift" stretching or pre-shift warm-up stretching. …ey should take a few minutes before they begin their work day by preparing their body and mind for work with a pre-shift warm-up routine. Well-designed pre-shift warm-up programs ensure workplace athletes are physically ready for their work day. -W hat's the rst thing you' ll do before your Saturday morning soccer match? It's probably the same thing you do after a long car ride. You' ll stretch. You' ll move, loosen up, and warm up your muscles. And you' ll feel great after you do it. Warming up your body and stretching are very natural things to do, and there are many benets to doing them. Just as you benet from stretching and warm-up exercises in your day-to-day life, companies and their team members both benet from a work readiness program consisting of stretching and warm-up exercises, which help-prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). MSDs are common and costly — to the tune of roughly $50 billion a year for companies, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) — and they cause unnecessary pain and su—er- ing for your people. It's very clear that prevention is the answer. Proactive prevention is always better than reactive treatment. By Matt Middlesworth, Director of Operations at Ergonomics Plus Warm-Up Stretching 101

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