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32 NOVEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM obesity; • Body mechanics and work technique; • Fitness, nutrition, recovery, and general health of the worker. Remember that behind the data and the numbers at the end of your injury column are individual people who give a portion of their lives to meet your company's objectives. It's import- ant to involve them in the process and let them know they're being cared for. After all, it's their body and health at stake. A work readiness program is a great example of involving them in the process and helping them take responsibility for their part in the MSD prevention process. Ergonomic controls are important, but so are the individual workers themselves. Involvingƒpeopleƒin the process not only reduces risk, but it helps create a positive culture of safety, health, and teamwork. Remember that beyond simply doing the right thing, theƒvalue proposition of creating a culture of health, safety, and teamwork is that it is a competitive advantage for your business and a more ful„lling experi- ence for your employees. And you can't put a price tag on that. ƒYou' ll need these six core elements to successfully implement a workplace stretching program: 1. Program guidance and leadership support; 2. Work readiness coaches; 3. Program rollout and marketing plan; 4. The right warm-up stretching proto- col effectively implemented; 5. Review and continuous improve- ment; 6. Passion, enthusiasm, and persever- ance. 1. Program Guidance and Leadership Support Your entireƒMSD prevention processƒshould be guided by a program guidance document. Your workplace stretching program, along with all other elements of your comprehensive prevention plan, should be included in this document. "e following should be outlined in the workplace stretching section: • Goals and objectives for the program; • Roles and responsibilities; • Stretching protocol and guidelines; • Annual audit criteria for review and continuous improvement. Leadership commitmentƒto the workplace stretching program is important. We all know that what leadership is sincerely committed to is what gets done. Leadership should demonstrate their support for the program in a visible and consistent way. 2. Work Readiness Coaches Members of management and employee leaders, such as safety and/orƒergonom- ics committee members, should be selected as warm-up stretching coaches to lead employee groups through the pre-shift program. "e company should select individ- uals who are well respected by the workforce and are suited for this type of leadership position. "is group of coaches should attend a special train- ing program conducted by anƒinjury prevention specialist/athletic trainerƒto be quali„ed to lead the pre-shift warm-up program. Upon completion of this training, the coaches should be able to: • Clearly communicate and deliver the reasons and benefits behind the program; • Effectively lead the pre-shift warm-up stretching program; • Instruct team members on the techniques of the warm-up exercises and caution against poor techniques; • Review important points to remem- ber with team members. Stretch coaches should achieve a certi„cation upon demonstrating competency in the stretches, training, and communication/leading team members in the stretches correctly. 3. Program Rollout and Marketing Plan A site-wide initiative, such as workplace stretching, needs a carefully crafted program rollout and market- ing plan to be a huge success and maintain momentum. Be excited about it! Stress theƒbene„t to your team membersƒin all communication channels. "e company cares enough about them to allocate precious time to put their health and safety „rst — let them know about it. Use any and all communication channels you have available to stress these bene„ts in the weeks leading up to the program launch. 4. The Right Warm-Up Stretching Protocol Program design and execution is everything. • Program design:ƒIn the end, the success of this program will depend on how effective the program design is. If you implement a poorly designed program, you will get below par results. Make sure that you implement a warm-up and stretching program developed by a professional with experience in designing stretch- ing programs for the workplace. Only a properly designed program will ensure that your team members are effectively prepared to perform the demands of their job. • Program execution:ƒIt is imperative to perform the pre-work stretching routine consistently. Professional A site-wide initiative, such as workplace stretching, needs a carefully crafted program rollout and marketing plan to be a huge success and maintain momentum. Safety Watch

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