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COATINGSPRO NOVEMBER 2018 33 football teamsnever skip their stretching and warm-up routine, and workplace athletes never should either. If your pre-work stretching program becomes inconsistent, your program will lose all credibility in the minds of employees, and your efforts will be wasted. Don't allow this to happen! 5. Review and Continuous Improvement Gather feedback from team members on the stretching program, and use that feedback to •nd continuous improvement opportunities. Team member survey questions may include: • Do you feel the pre-shift warm-up stretching program is effective in preparing your body for work? • Do you feel the pre-shift warm-up stretching program is effective for improving the overall health and performance of your body's movement system? • Do you feel that your coach is doing an effective job in leading the pre-shift warm-up stretching program? • Which stretches do you feel are the most effective for you? • Which stretches do you feel are the least effective for you? • How do you feel we can improve the warm-up stretching program? W hen the initial excitement of the program wanes, spice things up by incorporating new stretching exercises into the program, bring in a new trainer with high energy, or add a video element to the stretching routine.A lways be improving. 6. Passion, Enthusiasm, and Perseverance Above a ll else, passion and enthu- siasm w ins. Companies where the leadership is passionate about hea lth and safet y are the companies where we see the most success w ith workplace stretching and the overa ll MSD prevention process. Follow these best practices to implement an effective and sustainable Work Readiness System. CP Editor's note: This is an excerpt from Ergonomics Plus. Read the full version at warm-up-stretching-tutorial/. M M is the director of opera- tions at Ergonomics Plus. Middlesworth graduated from Purdue University's highly regarded Krannert School of Management in 2010. He is responsible for the marketing and business development of ErgoPlus. For more information, contact: Ergonomics Plus, (765) 384-4499, Safety Watch Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q1118

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