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Feature 36 NOVEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM W Letting O Steam at a Deaerator Tank in New York BY JENNIFER FRAKES PHOTOS COURTESY BELZONA NEW YORK, LLC W inters in New York can be brutally cold, and residents rely on power plants to keep their homes and businesses heated to comfort- able temperatures. Each component of each power plant is crucial to its operation, so when a 500 -square- foot (46.5 m²) deaerator tank inside a Westchester County power plant showed signs of extreme rust and corrosion, the Westchester Department of Public Works and Transportation — Valhalla Operations Division needed a solution fast. Deaerators remove the gases f rom water that attach to the meta l lic components of a steam system and cause cor rosion by for ming ox ides, or r ust. In simple ter ms, this deaerator tank is v ita l to keeping the entire steam system of the power plant f ree f rom cor rosion. If it continued to r un outside nor ma l operating cond itions, it wou ld continue to accelerate cor rosion throughout the entire plant system, causing sig nif icant shor t- and long-ter m damage. "It was November, and the temperatures were approaching f reezing ver y quick ly. T he count y d idn't have any time to waste in getting the deaerator tank up and r unning ," said Peter Vera of Tower Maintenance Cor p., the company that was hired to recoat the tank 's inter ior. With the c lock tick ing and the temperature dropping , nondestr uctive testing was per for med on the tank by a third-par t y inspection ser v ice. "Before the count y made any decisions about the tank, testing was done to check for pits and to check around the welds," said Vera. W hi le the inspec- tion revea led that the tota l wa l l thick ness of the tank was not compromised, the asset ow ner was sti l l ver y concer ned about the cond ition of the tank, especia l ly consider ing the r ust that ex isted over the entire steel inter ior. At this point, Westchester Count y Public Works tur ned to Dean Energ y Solutions, a mechanica l contractor that per for ms STEEL POWER PLANT EPOXY

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