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COATINGSPRO NOVEMBER 2018 39 high- ef f icienc y insta l lations. "Dean Energ y Solutions was the genera l contractor on this project. T hey were asked by the count y to recommend a solution to get the tank operationa l before the w inter hit," ex plained Vera. Temporary Fix to Permanent Solution? Dea n Energ y Solut ions tea med up w it h B el zon a New York a nd Ph i l C a stel l a no, PE , a coat i ng consu lt a nt w it h Mac a n Deve Eng i neers, DPC to f i nd a solut ion t h at wou ld get t he job done qu ic k ly a nd cost ef fec t ively. R epl ac i ng t he t a n k wa s deemed a non-v i able opt ion, not on ly bec au se of t he cost but a l so bec au se of t he t a n k 's loc at ion a nd t he i mpend - i ng cold weat her. ‡e tank is located 30 feet (9.1 m) above the ground, and according to Vera, the roof of the facility would have to be cut open so the tank could be removed, and it would need to remain open for the installation of the new tank. In addition, with this job needing to be completed on an emergency basis, even if a new tank was on order, the existing tank had to be 'xed right away. ‡e steam created by the deaerator was critical to the comfort and safety of the facility. Given the time, cost, and logistical constraints, it was decided that apply ing high-performance Belzona New York coatings to the interior of the tank made the most sense. It was at this point that Dean Energ y Solutions hired Tower Maintenance Cor p. as a surface preparation and coatings application subcontractor. "At first, the application of the coatings seemed like it would be a 'temporar y fi x' to keep the plant operations up and running through the w inter; however, the more it was discussed, the more likely it became that apply ing the Belzona 1511 Super HT Metal and the Belzona 1593 might be a more permanent solution for protecting the tank from future corrosion," stated Vera. A six-person Tower Maintenance Corp. crew arrived on the scene, ready to prepare the interior of the 16-foot by 8-foot (4.9 m x 2.4 m) cylindrical steel tank, as well as rebuild the metal loss and apply the coatings. But time was running out: ‡e crew only had one week to complete the job. The goal of the six-person crew was to rebuild the metal and protect the steel, and it was their first time using these materials. They were also trained on and certified for confined spaces. Power Plant Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q1118

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