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40 NOVEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Twice the Prep According to Vera, the surface prep required on the tank was quite extensive. e crew prepared the interior of the tank to NACE No. 3/Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) Surface Preparation (SP)6: Commercial Blast Cleaning. e tank was then inspected, and a crew from Dean Energy Solutions came in to make all necessary repairs. Once the repairs were „nished, the Tower Maintenance Corp crew returned for a second blast round. "e second time, we abrasive grit blasted to a NACE No. 2/SSPC-SP-10 [Near-White Blast Cleaning]," said Vera. For both abrasive blasting runs, the crew used a Pirate Brand blasting pot, Black Beauty grit, a 375 cfm (10.6 m3) Sullair air compres- sor, and an IPEC full vacuum dust collector. e compressor was supplied by United Rentals, and the dust collector was supplied by Sandblast Solutions. e crew also brought into the building 100 feet (30.5 m) of hose from a truck just outside the facility for the surface prep process. Safet y was the top pr ior it y on this job, and dur ing the abrasive gr it blasting, crew members inside the tank wore Bullard blast hoods w ith independent air supplies coming from outside the tank. T he crew a lso wore ear protection, and a ll workers changed and showered in a decontamination trailer parked outside the building. T his ensured that a ll crew members were free from any contaminants pr ior to leav ing the jobsite. Since the tank is considered a con„ned space, all workers were also con„ned space trained and certi„ed. And according to Vera, while three of the men worked inside the tank, the other three team members stayed outside the tank. "ere was always one of us who was designated as a spotter at the entrance of the tank. is person kept a constant eye on those in the tank and made sure that everyone was safe and that everything was going alright," said Vera. Coating Application by Hand With the tank repaired and prepped, the Tower Maintenance Cor p. team was ready for the application of the coatings. Belzona New York provided onsite technical support through- out the duration of the rebuilding and coating application to ensure that ever ything went smoothly. " T his was our first "Before the county made any decisions about the tank, testing was done to check for pits and to check around the welds," said Peter Vera of Tower Maintenance Corp. The wall thickness wasn't compromised. After preparing the substrate to a near-white blast cleaning, the crew used a spatula and plastic applicator to apply Belzona 1511 Super HT (high temperature) Metal. The thickness depended on the amount of metal loss. Power Plant

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