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62 NOVEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Never Again The coating system on a generation of ships started falling off. The shipyard called in three inspectors to uncover why. By Dario Agustin Viana, CEO/CFO at CC Corrosion Control Consulting UG The Case of the Bulkhead's Continuing Coating Delamination I n 2012, the construction of the next generation of ships came to a fast stop after the client discovered that the recently applied reproof coating had failed. A lthough a previously employed system from years past — a solvent-borne primer, water-borne intumescent coating, and topcoat — worked, the shipyard had moved to a di•erent primer with this new generation. •e paint supplier put out numer- ous certied letters indicating that the coating system was •awless. •e shipyard held that the sub-contracted coatings applicator was responsible for the coating failure. And despite the delamination issues, the shipyard had the contractors re-coat the next gener- ation of ships with the same system. Another year went by, and the client again started noticing failures. Some parts of the bulkhead paint were falling like a " hangout rug" to the •oor, while other parts of the bulkhead still had paint intact. The Background Modern ships are constructed in sections, which are then combined to turn into blocks, which then turn into major blocks until the individual pieces make a ship. Each block is made of several bulkheads and decks. On this project, it was long discussed and decided that to save money and time, they would have the Holland profile and bulk heads in the ship blocks blasted to an Sa 2½: Ver y T horough Blast Cleaning according to ISO 1294 4, which is the equiv- a lent of a NACE No. 2/Societ y for Protective Coatings (SSPC) Sur face Preparation (SP) 10: Near-W hite Blast Cleaning. T hen they were painted w ith a t wo-component anti-corrosive epox y coating r ich in zinc particles. Photos courtesy of CC Corrosion Control Consulting UG Some parts of the bulkhead paint were falling like a "hangout rug" to the floor, while other parts of the bulkhead still had paint intact.

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