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COATINGSPRO NOVEMBER 2018 65 W ith a career that has spanned more than 24 years, Jack Moore, Jr., now CEO of West Roong Systems, Inc. of Lagrange, Ohio, began his journey with a civil engineering degree. €e move into the roong world happened almost right out of college through a "unique evolution," according to Moore. It was just a year later that Moore found what is now called West Roong Systems where he landed a position as lead estimator. "I didn't think I'd be back in my hometown rather than building skyscrapers on the southeastern coast," he admitted. But the hometown invest- ment paid oˆ. Two years after joining West Roong Systems, management was already asking Moore to move into sales. And then in 2014, after 20 years at the company, he and four others bought out the founder. "I went from one hat to ve hats," Moore laughed. "I'm president and CEO, marketing manager, and sales manager, and I have seven sales people and a sales assistant. I'm director of operations one minute, then I'm having meetings about nanc- ing, then reviewing a half-million dollar [project], then the next minute [dealing with a human resource] HR issue." €e challenge to stay on his toes during all of this is what has helped push Moore to expand the company's reach. He has focused on building the infrastructure department within the organization by bolstering personnel to sustain the company's current growth. Diversifying Down South Moore believes in the power of human power. "My advice to someone just starting out would be 'people, people, people.' You can't do it yourself and without the right staˆ, so there needs to be talent around the vision," he noted, adding, "You have to be as much of a people person as an entrepreneur, so really, introverts need not apply." West Roong Systems has 90 employees across three o˜ces. Without adding quality staˆ, the company's capacity and the potential for growth would have been capped out. West Roong Systems has utilized restoration coating systems on two-thirds of its projects. "€ere are so many advantages," Moore explained. "€e market has exploded in the past 10 years since the systems are more and more reliable and sustainable while being more energy e˜cient. €ey're also made of solvent-free silicone with no VOCs [volatile organic compounds] released in application, so the products and practices are responsible." €e company has focused on diversifying in the south due to the weather-dictated cash šow curves in northern Ohio. "If it's raining in Ohio, we go work in A labama or the Carolinas thanks to their longer application seasons," Moore elaborated. He also stressed the importance of avoid- ing only construction based; he also believes in being focused on and heavily involved in service and maintenance. "A good service staˆ will keep you busy and will keep the invoices going out, providing a constant revenue stream and a quicker cash šow turn," he added. Finding a Balance Moore has learned the importance of changing the stigma of roong experts to help bring on younger workers, touting the importance of such a busy, professional trade with the added potential for nancial and personal success. "You can take an 18-year-old high school grad, and, in a short amount of time, he or she could become an operations manager or sales- person," he said. "Being able to create a life for people and become something bigger than themselves by providing something like training is something I really like about the industry." W hen it comes to his home life, Moore says he's " family rst." Despite the busy 60- to 80-hour weeks, technol- ogy has helped spread out the long hours and has enabled him to make time to watch his son play football or his daughter row. "I look at every day as work and play," Moore concluded. "Work when needed, and then make work for play, but the balance can't fall to one side or the other." CP Photo courtesy of Jack Moore Many Hats and Multiple Oces Create One Vision ProFile: Jack Moore, Jr. By Christa Youngpeter Hard Work & Craftsmanship

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