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66 NOVEMBER 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM New & Noteworthy Send information and photos (transparencies, prints, or high-res JPG digital files at 300dpi) to Editor, CoatingsPro Magazine, 4501 Mission Bay Dr., Ste. 2G, San Diego, CA 92109 or by e-mail with attachments to New Roof Sloping Compound Polyglass U.S.A., Inc. announced the launch of POLYSLOPE, a reinforced cementitious, water-repellent compound designed as a sloping material for many roo•ng substrates and situations. According to the company, POLYSLOPE can be used to create positive drainage on roofs that have low spots, and it can divert standing water. •e product is ready to use after adding water and mixing. It is easy to screed and is paint- able after 48 hours. "We are proud to bring this product to market and enable contractors to quickly resolve roof challenges," said Ariel Lender, director of product management and codes and compliance. For more information, contact: Polyglass, (888) 410-1375, Videos Show Proper Jobsite Application Techniques BASF released application videos for 39 of its Master Builders Solutions brand products, including joint sealants, wall coatings, sealers, and primers. All videos are two minutes or less and provide contractors with an easy way to view application techniques with a smart phone at the jobsite. "Contractors are under a lot of pressure to deliver projects on time, on budget, and at a high level of quality," said Christopher Perego, industry sector manager. "•ese videos allow them to quickly view best practices when on a jobsite to help ensure a successful application." •e videos, which can be accessed at BASF's website, complement the product technical data guide by visually illus- trating proper techniques. For more information, contact: Master Builders Solutions by BASF, (800) 628-9990, Concrete Densifier Helps Floors Last Longer Coatings for Industry (CFI) has released WearCOAT 3020, a new water-based lithium silicate concrete densi•er. •e coating helps make polished concrete ›oors last longer while maintaining an excellent commercial look. •is new product is water-borne and compliant with all volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations, yet it also ožers excellent adhesion to porous concrete. In turn, this helps to greatly reduce surface dusting as the product facilitates polishing. •e concrete densi•er permanently bonds with concrete upon contact, •lling the pores and improving its resistance to water, chemicals, and abrasion. •e resulting surface provides high traction for safety, yet it retains a glossy, non-yel- lowing surface that can even improve with age. For more information, contact: CFI, (215) 723-0919, www.c• Wall Coatings Range for Natural Stone Textures Flowcrete Asia has launched a new wall coating range that allows designers to easily create natural stone textures with reduced labor, hassle, and costs relative to traditional options. •e Multicolor Stoneface range is unlike standard homogenous wall coatings as it contains a variety of colored liquid beads within the system's resin matrix that forms a consistent, multi-colored pattern when sprayed onto a surface. •is combination of an innovative formulation and spraying technique allows the coating to emulate a range of natural aesthetics and textures, including granite and marble. •e system can be applied to all types of building façades, including cementi- tious masonry, wood, glass, plastic, and metal such as aluminum cladding, precast panels, and molding elements. For more information, contact: Flowcrete International, (60) 3-6277- 9575, www.› Jotun Debuts New Cargo Tank Coating Jotun has responded to market demand for a cargo tank coating allowing greater cargo ›exibility, long-term performance, and vessel utilization with the launch of Tankguard Flexline. •e unique product is built on the company's Flexforce technology, ensuring excellent cargo resistance, quick port turnarounds, and lengthy maintenance intervals. While standard tank coatings typically absorb low molecular weight, leading to swelling that stresses the structural network of the coating •lm, the compo- sition of Jotun's Solvoxirane chemistry provides greater coating ›exibility. •is minimizes structural stress over repeated absorption and desorption cycles. Faster desorption times also lead to decreased ventilation requirements, quicker turnarounds, and enhanced vessel earnings. For more information, contact: Jotun Paints, (504) 394-3538, Zero Filter Attachment Ensures Clean Air E Instruments recently introduced its Zero Filter Attachment, used to ensure clean air entering indoor air

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