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Concrete Dec 2018

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Company Profile: Polyset 17 COATINGSPRO CONCRETE COVERED DECEMBER 2018 Polyset 1.518.664.6000 High Performance Concrete Coating Systems 65 Hudson Ave | PO Box 111 Mechanicville, NY 12118 518.664.6000 | Polyset's coating systems are developed to meet a wide variety of commercial and industrial market needs, including: Airport Hangers, Automotive Services, Commercial Kitchens, Food & Beverage, Garages, Grow Facilities, Hazardous Industries, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Mining, Sporting Venues, and Warehouses. Our Ply-Guard Line Includes: • Ply-Guard AS: a two-component, fast curing, polyaspartic coating system that can be applied directly to properly prepared concrete and is ideal for both interior and exterior applications • Ply-Guard EP: a two-component, low viscosity, 100% solids resin system used in a variety of flooring and wall applications including high build and decorative applications • Ply-Guard UR: a two-component, 100% solids, rapid curing, spray-applied polyurea coating system for a variety of structural steel and concrete applications Polyset Established in 1980 by two GE chemical engineers, Polyset is an MBE and ISO 9001-certified manufacturer of high performance coatings, including resinous flooring and roof coatings for commercial and industrial building struc- tures. W hile our modern 60,000 square foot manufacturing and R&D facility is located in upstate NY, we partner with distributors around the world that share our vision of offer- ing high quality products and excellent customer service. Our Ply-Guard AS is an excellent direct-to-concrete coating system for industrial/commercial flooring & roofing applications, as is our Ply-Guard EP (Epoxy). Our Ply-Guard UR (Polyurea) can be spray-applied to full film thickness in a single coat and offers excellent impact, chemical, and abrasion resistance for a variety of structural steel and concrete applications. is product is also available in formu- lations for commercial/industrial roofing applications, and potable water applications. Our newest product – Ply-Guard Plug – is a fast setting, semi thixotropic, two-component 100% solid, modified polyurethane sealant and adhesive. It is designed to fill in voids in control joints, cracks, and spalled/ pitted areas in concrete floors and roadways. SPONSORED CONTENT

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