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Concrete Dec 2018

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43 COATINGSPRO CONCRETE COVERED DECEMBER 2018 Enduring Constant Traffic Concrete floors are subject to relentless punishment from pedestrians, equipment, hot tires and even heav y machinery. ey have to resist damage from chemicals, fluids and weather. Critically, they also need to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. In addition, virtually every facility owner demands that their concrete floors look good. Maintaining aesthetics and protection over a long period of time is a particular challenge for f loor coating contractors. Here are some tips for making sure the f loors you create keep their good looks and keep your custom- ers happy. Protect Concrete with a Densifier For polished concrete floors in commercial applications, maintaining a semi-gloss finish while providing good traction is crucial. In these cases, water-based lithium silicate densifi- ers are invaluable. T hese coatings, like Coatings for Industr y's WearCOAT 3020, facilitate polishing by permanently bonding w ith concrete upon contact. By filling the pores, densifiers improve the resistance to water, chemicals and abrasion, prolonging the life of the concrete. e resulting surface provides high traction for safety, yet offers a semi-gloss, non-yellowing surface that can even improve with age. Eliminate Roller Marks One of the worst things to happen to a flooring contractor is for roller marks to remain after the coatings have cured, leaving an unattractive floor and an unhappy customer. To prevent this, contractors can use polyaspartic floor coatings like CFI's WearCOAT 2020 and WearCOAT 2035. ese coatings are formulated for a quick cure, but the WearCOAT 2035 Topcoat leaves enough time to help assure no roller overlap marks. Because these coatings are typically used in applica- tions where a quick return-to-service is required, contractors should look for zero-VOC formulations. is protects install- ers and makes the environment more pleasant for building occupants, even during installation. Offer a Choice In high-traffic, high-visibility commercial settings, aesthetics are especially important. Retail and grocery stores, restau- rants, schools, hospitals and airport terminals must endure constant foot traffic – and sometimes light-wheeled traffic – all while looking good. In these applications, experienced contractors will look for highly durable coatings that offer a long-lasting finish. In addition, coatings offered in either gloss or satin finishes allow customers their choice in how their floors look. Because these coatings are often applied in buildings that are already in use, contractors should also look for formulas with very low VOCs, low odor and a quick cure time. is allows the coatings to be applied in occupied areas and lets the floors return to service quickly. CFI's WearCOAT 2330 gloss and WearCOAT 2345 satin coatings were formulated with this in mind. e two- and three-component (respectively) systems provide superior protection in the color of choice while offering the finished look customers are seek, all with nearly zero VOCs, no odor, and a quick curing time. Creating a concrete floor that looks good, and maintains its good looks over time, can be a challenge. By choosing the right coating system for the application and the environment, contractors can meet or exceed their customers' expectations. For more detailed information about concrete floor coating options for specific applications, contact CFI or go online to get our Floor Coatings Brochure for Professionals. It's free. Creating a Good-Looking Floor That Also Protects Coatings for Industry, Inc. 319 Township Line Rd. Souderton, PA 18964 (215) 723-0919 (215) 723-0911 Company Profile: Coatings for Industry SPONSORED CONTENT

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