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24 JANUARY 2019 COATINGSPROMAG.COM believe this company would actually pay for good reviews. at's dishon- est, and so is this company." Can you imagine having that said about your business for the whole world to see? Another huge benefit of reviews is that when you get them consistently and constantly, then Google will show you more love. is means that you will become more visible online to those searching for what you offer. us, getting several reviews a week versus one here and there will give you a significant advantage. As long as the reviews are four and five stars on average, this will give you a very power- ful marketing weapon. Meet Your Expectations Take an honest look at your business. Examine it closely and often to see what your reviews are saying. If you are getting them and they're not good enough, you must find out why. It could be a certain employee causing it. Some business owners will find out that they are the certain employee causing the bad reviews. No matter the cause, it's crucial that you get the problem fi xed immediately because just as sure as tons of positive reviews w ill lure business to you, bad ones w ill repel business 24/7, and you certainly don't want that. You should feel a lot of discomfort for bad reviews because it means that you didn't meet your customer's expectation. Since you didn't meet theirs, you can bet you didn't meet yours either. CP Andy Curry is an e x per t marketer who ow ns severa l businesses (inc lud ing a home center). He shares his tact ics w it h aud iences around t he world . He is an A ma zon best-sel ler for t he book Automatic-Pilot Sales, and he spea k s to ent repreneurs, reta i lers, sma l l businesses, d irect sa les, professiona l businessmen and -women, and more. For more infor mat ion, contact: A ndy Cur r y, w w w. A ndyCur r /gets-more Marketing Savvy Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0119

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