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28 JANUARY 2019 COATINGSPROMAG.COM It's not a brochure, the text from a website, or worse still, verbiage from a policy or legal document. One way to help maintain a conver- sational tone is to keep your text short. Long sentences usually equate to a long-winded or unnatural feel. A good place to source potential pre-written responses is from your team members' actual chats. If your organization is like most places, some people will show a natural gift for chat. W hy not leverage their strengths and skills? Step Six: Learn From Your Experiences Learn from your failures and your successes. W hen service goes wrong, most first-rate organizations address the shortcomings. Beyond fixing what's broken, the best organizations also invest time in figuring out what went right and why. ey then replicate the good. As with any service interaction, chat can go well — or it can go poorly. e key is monitoring, course-correct- ing, and standardizing success. Providers and their supervisors should regularly review chats. W hat can we leverage? W here are the oppor- tunities? W hat was on-brand? W hat was off-brand? e questions are essen- tially endless. e trick is to systematically ask and answer them. e more method- ically you evaluate your chats, the quicker you will capitalize on what works and eliminate what doesn't. Step Seven: Continue Training Chat training is not a once-and-done activity. Needs change, technology evolves, and staff turns over. Ideally, your contracting firm should focus on one or two best practices a week, evalu- ate the pre-written text twice a year, and spot-check transcripts daily. Room for Improvement Chat is no longer a novelty, and more customers expect their service provid- ers to offer it. No matter where your business is in the chat-implementa- tion process, there is always room to improve the way you connect through a keyboard. CP Kate Zabriskie is t he president of Business Tra ining Work s, Inc., a Mar yland-based ta lent development f ir m. She and her team help businesses establ ish customer ser v ice st rateg ies and t ra in t heir people to l ive up to what's promised . For more infor mat ion, contact: Business Tra ining Work s, w w w.businesst ra ining work Contractor's Corner Environmentally Safe VpCI ® /MCI ® Technologies EXCELLENCE Q U A I T Y ® C O R P O R AT I O N Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0119

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