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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2019 31 enough to fit inside the ventilation spaces may also be used to learn more about the tanks' current condition in the annulus. While other tanks do not contain waste generating the same high tempera- tures, ultrasonic testing did find at least some thinning of the steel bottom in 9 of the 11 inspected tanks. ough investigators did not pinpoint a precise cause for that thinning, the report notes that moisture can flow through and/or around the concrete foundation and near the tanks because there is no keyway or water stop between the shell and foundation. is exposes the secondary steel containment liner to moisture. e concrete foundation also contains drains to a sump system. In the short term, the next steps include evaluating the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors and examining methods to protect the outer shell exteri- ors from water intrusion and humidity, the report says. Core chemistry samples will be collected more frequently to analyze waste at the bottom of tanks judged to be the most at risk. To address these issues more specifically and receive feedback, the site has a tank integrity expert panel consisting of experts from a variety of private and U.S. government organiza- tions, including national laboratories. e panel meets at least once a year, and at these meetings, panelists provide independent advice and recom- mendations on existing and emerging tank integrity issues. e panel is also evaluating potential tank repair techniques for localized areas of corro- sion. e most recent meeting was held November 7, 2018. CP Source: Hanford Site, References 1 "Hanford Site," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, wiki/Hanford_ Site (July 18, 2018). 2 "Retrieval Activities Completed in Double-Shell Tank AY-102," Office of River Protection Newsroom, March 8, 2017, https://w w attachments.cfm/ORP/AY-102_retrieval_ complete.pdf (July 18, 2018). 3 "Hanford Tank Integrity Presentation," Hanford Advisory Board Tank Waste Committee, June 19, 2018, https://www. Presentation.pdf (July 18, 2018). Editor's note: Reprinted with permission from Materials Performance (September 2018). Inspector's Corner REVOLUTIONARY CERAMIC EPOXIES FAST DRYING. SELF-HEALING. EASY TO APPLY. BETTER FROM THE INSIDE OUT For complete product specifications and test data on our entire line of Induron's ceramic epoxy coatings, call your rep today! P.O. Box 2371 Birmingham, Alabama 35201-2371 (800) 324-9584 | Re ad e r In q ui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0119

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