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Hoops Arena Revamp COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2019 51 beneath the wood court. e crew first used a thermal laser to create a heat map of the floor's topography. Specifications called for a F F 50 level of floor flatness as defined by the ASTM E1155 standard, and to get there, the crew needed to know specifics on the degree of preparation required for each area of the floor. After prepping the surface, crew members then applied the Sika Level-125 topping using the C AM gage rake. "It was thermal heat scanned so that we could understand the peaks and valleys of the floor," Kipp said. "We then did a lot of scarifying, scaling, and bush hammering to take the high spots down, then we put our topping in. Anywhere from an eighth of an inch [3.2 mm] up to one and a quarter inch [31.8 mm] is the range that it took to make that floor flat." e third and last phase involved polishing ~60,000 square feet (5,574.2 m2) of concrete in the concourses and applying the ~25,000 square feet (2,322.6 m2) polished overlay and logo in the main entry areas. Polishing was done to a medium finish utilizing HTC DUR ATIQ T8/RT8 remote-controlled grinders and 5- and 7-inch (12.7 cm and 17.8 cm) Metabo hand grind- ers. Joints were filled with Metzger McGuire's Spal-Pro RS 88 polyurea via a U.S. Saws joint pump before crew members used a pump sprayer to apply Prosoco's Consolideck LS/CS densifier, capped by Prosoco's PolishGuard as a penetrating protec- tive sealer. "We selected the PolishGuard after doing ketchup and mustard stain testing," Kipp said. "We tested four or five options, and that one performed the best." For the overlay and logo, all areas were prepped to a CSP 6 profile by shotblasting with the Blastrac 1-10D and running HTC Ravager series bush hammers with a DUR ATIQ RT 8 grinder. A ll areas were squeegeed with a CTS Rapid Set TXP epoxy primer at an average of 12 mils (304.8 microns) and broadcast to excess with 20/40 mesh sand. Next, the CTS Rapid Set TRU PC high-flow topping was applied at 0.5 inch (1.3 cm) using the C AM gage rake. A ll TRU PC was mixed in CS Unitec's HIPPO Mixers and transported in CS Unitec's Pelican Carts before polishing via diamond tooling To apply the logo, which had to be developed on a waterjet, the crew shotblasted the concrete before applying a system by CTS Cement and densifier from Prosoco. It was sealed, too. Learn how Duro-Shield can enhance the life of your roof: (888) 593-8575 Even the toughest roofs need some love. With constant exposure to heat, cold, UV radiation, rain, snow, hail and high winds, roofs are the most critical and most vulnerable level of protection on a building. Duro-Shield™ coatings and materials are specifically designed to help protect against the elements and enhance the performance of commercial roofing systems. One coat at a time. Enhancing protection with every coat. Duro-Last and the "World's Best Roof" are registered trademarks owned by Duro-Last, Inc. ORIG: 3/15/18 - DL040019 Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0119 Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0119

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