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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2019 59 systems," explained Heisler. e crew was fortunate to be able to "borrow" existing cables on the roof for tying off. "e roof is used for camera crews to shoot the race. Cages were built so that the camera crews could stand on the roof without being tied off. Although we had to remove the cages to do our work, we used the welded anchor points as a part of our fall protection system," said Heisler. He also pointed out that the entire crew was happy to be wearing Guardian Cyclone harness systems. "ese harnesses are super comfortable, affordable, and easy to set up," said Heisler. In addition to fall protection, the crew members wore face shields to protect themselves from debris, sombreros (for sun protection), safety glasses, and gloves. During any spray appli- cations, they wore 3M respirators. Hot and Windy One of the most challenging aspects of the Kentucky Speedway job — other than the incredibly short time frame — was the weather. e Spray-Tec crew was working during June and July, two very hot months of the year in Kentucky. To ensure that the team was staying hydrated and not overheating, they took a lot of breaks in the shade, and they drank lots of water with electro- lyte supplements. "It got up to 120 °F [48.9 °C] on the roof with zero shade. We went through at least three cases of water per day," said Heisler. e crew also battled with heav y dew in the morning and high winds on and off throughout the project. "e dew was pretty heav y some mornings, but once the direct sun hit the roof, the moisture would dry up quickly. e winds, however, were a different story," said Heisler. e team put up wind screens to ensure that the maximum amount of material was applied to the roof area and didn't blow away as overspray. "e wind came off the track and blew toward the parking lot where a couple thousand trucks were stored. A ll those trucks were moved prior to us starting the job so that there wouldn't be an overspray issue," explained Heisler. Even after enduring three weeks of scorching temperatures and high winds, the crew was cruising along and was projected to complete the job right on schedule — and then the rain started. "With only two weeks to go, the weather turned nasty. We had excess water to remove from the roof and had to work in between what seemed to be endless rain showers," said Heisler. Luckily, the team pushed through and finished the job on time. Taking the Checkered Flag W hen asked how this job was such a success, even with all of the challenges, Heisler credited the Gaco Western silicone products and his hard-working crew. "e Kentucky Speedway job was a unique opportunity for Spray-Tec to show just what can be done with silicone coating systems on roof restorations. W hen they are installed right, these systems are cost effective and extremely durable," said Heisler. Heisler also believes that his crew really proved that they are worth their weight in gold by paying such close attention to detail, keeping safety at the forefront of the job, and completing a complex and challenging project on an extremely tight sched- ule. "It was rewarding, knowing that on race day, we had done our part to get the speedway ready for NASC AR and for all of the spectators, both at the racetrack and those watching at home," he said. CP Quin Heisler, project manager at Spray-Tec, said, "The Kentucky Speedway job was a unique opportunity for Spray-Tec to show just what can be done with silicone coating systems on roof restorations." Roof Renovation VENDOR TEAM 3M Safety equipment and material manufacturer 3M Center St. Paul, MN 55144 (800) 364-3577 Dow Corning Material manufacturer 2030 Dow Ctr. Midland, MI 48674 (800) 248-2481 Gaco Western Coating manufacturer 200 W Mercer St., Ste. #202 Seattle, WA 98119 (800) 331-0196 Graco Inc. Equipment manufacturer 88 11 th Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 (612) 623-6000 Guardian Fall Protection Safety equipment manufacturer 6305 S 231 St. Kent, WA 98032 (800) 466-6385 Hennes-Johnson Equipment manufacturer 711 E Main St. Belle Plaine, MN 56011 (800) 249-1349 Hotsy by C-Tech Industries Equipment manufacturer 8756 Global Way Beckett Ridge, OH 45069 (800) 525-1976 Karnak Material manufacturer 330 Central Ave. Clark, NJ 07066 (800) 526-4236

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