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72 JANUARY 2019 COATINGSPROMAG.COM preparation. W hen the defined minimum film thickness wears away to 70 percent of the original thickness, maintenance will be scheduled in dry seasons." In Hot Water A lthough the coating system chosen seemed to set the contrac- tors up to help the client achieve the desired results, after that initial material decision, the project didn't seem to get off to a solid start. Delays began straight away — completely out of the crew's capable hands. W hen Integral Technology arrived on site, they could tell that the concrete hadn't been poured in an acceptable condi- tion, which meant the coatings crew had to add a mortar skim coat to their scope of work. at "added complexity," according to Osborne. e sentiment was seconded by the contracting company. e schedule, which was already set in stone, would later have to be extended. But first, the coatings. Fish on Dry Land e Integral Technology crew was put together by owner James Wang. e team didn't have much experience applying elasto- meric coatings let alone this specific system, so they had to go through training with Nukote representatives to get up to speed. ey didn't have time to be fish out of water on this project! "We brought in some very experienced applicators to train them at initial stages," Osborne said. Nukote kept reps on site to continue providing training as needed throughout the project and to help ensure adherence to the specification as well as set Although the concrete was new, the condition of it when the Integral crew came on site required the use of a mortar skim coat, which increased the crew's scope of work. Taiwan Reservoir UPDATE. CREATE. VIEW. 2019 LISTINGS TODAY! GET IT ONLINE, GET IT IN PRINT. DON'T MISS IT! Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0119

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