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COATINGSPRO JANUARY 2019 73 the system up for a warranty. "Since this was a first-time project of its kind and it was a contractor new to this product application type, we were — and remain — heavily involved," Osborne said. "Our technical group manager was on site in May and July 2018 during the application process, performing training and verifying instal- lation through our QA /ITP [Quality Assurance/Inspection and Test Plan] program, and a QA /ITP specialist was there again in October 2018, verifying QA /ITP compliance." Nukote has committed to staying on site until the job is completed. "is will continue until the project is 100 percent wrapped up," Osborne said succinctly. According to Osborne, the crew continued progressing well despite a few challenges, including "complex" working conditions, such as an " intense" typhoon season. A lthough the job was completed inside the tunnel, the weather caused a few related condition issues. "ey were battling with several months of severe weather, high humidity, and delays of the general [contractor] in completing the work," he said. Once they got going, though, they were full steam ahead. They called in another contractor to complete the surface prep work using waterjetting, but Integral still had some prep work to do before coating, including masking the top and bottom of the coating range. The crew started by sealing the surfaces. They rolled on Nukote HLT-SR before rolling on the primers: Nukote EP Prime II to the concrete and Metal Prime II to the steel at the tunnel's intake. JOB AT A GLANCE PROJECT: Protect the desilting tunnel of Nanhua Reservoir Project with a polyurea lining system able to withstand 17 percent abrasive content COATINGS CONTRACTOR: Integral Technology Co., Ltd. 3F., No. 53, Xinkang St., FengShan Dist., Kaohsiung City 830, Taiwan, R. O. C. (886) 7-7663118 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: 40 people SIZE OF CREW: 30 crew members PRIME CLIENT: Southern Region Water Resources Office, No. 70, Mizhi, Nanxi Dist. Tainan City 715, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (06) 575-3251 SUBSTRATE: Concrete and steel CONDITION OF SUBSTRATE: New SIZE OF JOB: 30,000 m² (322,917.3 sq. ft.) DURATION: ~2.5 years UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: » The condition of the concrete when the crew arrived on site required the use of mortar skim coat, increasing the scope of work. » This was a new product for the coatings crew, so they were trained and had support from the coating manufacturer on site. » The crew had to work during an intense typhoon season and with delays from the general contractor. MATERIALS/PROCESSES: » Subcontracted surface prep work, completed with waterjetting » Confirmed dew point was ≥5 °F, or ~3 °C, higher than surface tempera- ture before coating » Marked off top and bottom of the coating range » Used rollers from DULUX to apply sealer, Nukote HLT-SR, to an average thickness of 167 microns (6.6 mils) » Applied primers, Nukote EP Prime II and Metal Prime II, using Graco GH 300s and rollers to an average thickness of 100 microns (3.9 mils) » Applied ST-M polyurea with a Graco H-XP2 to an average thickness of 7 mm (275.6 mils) SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: » Wore harnesses when working from JLG lifts » Used blowing machines at the opening of the tunnel and ventilation ducts inside » Wore long sleeves, gloves, helmets, and full-face pieces from 3M when coating; had toolbox talks and retained safety staff on site

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