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76 JANUARY 2019 COATINGSPROMAG.COM According to Michael Osborne, president of Nukote Coating Systems International, this was an "excellent team working on a project with high complexity." atmospheric conditions before working with the materials. On-Site Support e Nukote reps and engineers on site gave the crew spot guidance. at seemed to be particularly important since this was the first time this system had been used at such high flow rates of the sediment. "e selection criteria were clearly defined: 240 hours of operation at 3 m per second [9.8 ft./sec.] flow rate with 17 percent abrasive content," Osborne clarified. "e success- ful liner system had to meet a maximum thickness loss of 30 percent, total film thickness specified at 7 mm (275.6 mils), 4.9 mm (192.9 mils) to remain following testing. Our result after testing was 6.5 mm (255.9 mils) remaining after testing." at meant they even had a little room to give! But the proof will be in the finished project in mid-2019. And when it's done, it will be a marvel. "e installed liner is essentially exposed to a form of wet abrasive blasting," Osborne explained. "e flow rates are extremely high, so, no, this has never been done in this situa- tion specifically. is system, to our knowledge, is a first of its kind on a global stage." e stakes are high for sure! Set for Success e coating system that Integral Technology is installing at the reservoir is essentially a sacrificial liner, meaning its main goal is to protect the substrates, but it will degrade over time. e key will be maintaining a minimum thickness for protec- tion before needing to recoat the system to bring it back to the specified average thickness of 7 mm (275.6 mils). With the three coatings achieving 7+ mm, the tunnel was primed to work smoothly. A lthough the system has a warranty based on the client's use — 24 hours of operation and an ability to maintain a 70 percent loss of the film thickness to mean a 10-year warranty — Nukote expects it to last much longer than that. If and when the coating system loses enough thickness to need to be brought back to the 7 mm (275.6 mils) thickness, a coatings crew will only need to lightly abrasive blast the remaining materials, wash the surface down, apply a primer, and then reapply the liner to bring it back to its full protective mode. Despite the initial substrate setback, added project scope, and new-to-the-crew materials, Integral Technology's work at the reservoir is on the right path for a successful application at the reservoir. "ey had three complete equipment systems, with articulated lifts that assisted in the timely completion of the work," Osborne said. According to Osborne, who was on site six times over the past two years, this was an "excellent team working on a project with high complexity." e remain- ing course of this project seems clear for this concrete coatings crew. CP VENDOR TEAM 3M Safety equipment manufacturer 3M Center St. Paul, MN 55144 (888) 364-3577 DULUX Equipment manufacturer P.O. Box 60 Clayton South, Victoria 3169 Australia +613-9263-5678 Graco Inc. Equipment manufacturer 88 11 th Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 (612) 623-6000 JLG Industries Inc. Equipment manufacturer 1 JLG Dr. McConnellsburg, PA 17233 (717) 485-5161 Nukote Coating Systems Coating manufacturer 4730 Consulate Plaza Dr., Ste. 100 Houston, TX 77032 (800) 320-4510 Because the crew had to work on JLG lifts, they wore harnesses. Additional safety gear included long sleeves, gloves, helmets, and full-face pieces when coating, including the polyurea workhorse topcoat. Taiwan Reservoir

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