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COATINGSPRO STEEL SURFACES 2019 13 T he MMS® Inspection DF T sets new standards not only in ter ms of durabi lit y, it is a lso an ex ample of high ef f icienc y. T he IP65 -cer tif ied gauge delivers reliable measurement data that can be w irelessly transmitted to your qua lit y control sof t ware, even under harsh cond i- tions. T he precise dua l probe gauge recog nizes the base mater ia l automatica l ly and is suitable for layer thick ness measurement on both rough and smooth sur faces, e.g. in shipbui ld ing , of fshore w ind turbines, br idges or petro - chemica l plants. Application examples: layers of zinc, chromium, copper, paint, lacquer or plastic on steel and iron, as well as layers of paint, lacquer or plastic on aluminum, copper or brass as well as anodized layers on aluminum. Batches according to SSPC-PA 2 and IMO PSPC are preconfigured. T he user w ill be guided through the measurement step by step. T he three point support enable precise measuring in all situa- tions. Measurement results are transmitted w irelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi to the Fischer DataCenter and other appli- cations located on your tablet or cell phone. Corrosion protection starts well before the first coat of paint. e corrosion kit MMS® Inspection comprises of three devices that are needed before, during and after surface coating. With the SPF you can reliably measure the surface profile, e DPM provides all the necessary data for determin- ing the dew point. e powerful DFT is your mobile compan- ion for all coating thickness tasks (ferrous and non- ferrous substrates). Fischer's experts designed the device to solve demand- ing tasks beyond corrosion protection. T he integrated dual probe is applicable for the precise measurement of thin layers w ith low measurement uncertainty. T he substrate material ty pe, whether iron or aluminum, is automatically detected and the proper measuring method selected. Out of limits readings are immediately visible. Multi- sensor y feedback via LED ( green & red) light, sound and vibration shows you at all times whether your readings are in tolerance. Four large buttons allow safe operation w ith only one- gloved- hand. T he 3 point support enable precise measuring in all situations. T he keys are easy to reach and have a good tactile feedback. T he MMS® Inspection DFT Measuring range is 0 -100 mils. In the scan mode you are capable of 70 readings per minute. Available memor y space for 100,000 readings. With comprehensive corrosion protection in mind, Fischer offers the Dry film thickness gauge, the dew point meter and surface profile gauge in a bundle. is ensures users have the right tools for every step of corrosion protection. Contact us at 860-683-0781 or sales@fischer-technology. com or Made for Corrosion Protection Fischer Technology Inc. 750 Marshall Phelps Road Windsor, CT 06095 (860) 683-0781 (860) 688-8496 - fax Company Profile: Fischer Technology Inc. SPONSORED CONTENT

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