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COATINGSPRO STEEL SURFACES 2019 19 19 said on the choice of application equipment. "In the bridge industry, everything is contained, and the vast majority is spray applied. But on the elevated water storage tank market, there are not a lot of full containment projects, so the major- ity are brush and roll. And when you get into linings, there's where we've seen trends move toward the acceptance of plural-component equipment." In many instances, one coat could be spray applied and the next via brush or roller. "Most common would be an airless industrial pump or a spray pump," Induron's Rowland said regarding application equipment. Plurals come into play often with 100-percent solids materials that react almost immediately. You can't pour them into a bucket. e pot life is too short, so you have to use a plural-component pump to keep the two parts isolated until they meet at the gun. But more often on the outside exterior of a tank, they're going to be rolling. Or they might spray the primer, then roll the inter- mediate and finish coats. at has more to do with the trans- fer efficiency. If it's blowing in the wind when they spray, they're losing money." is is similar to roofing projects, where the application choice may come down to environmen- tal, situational, and material concerns. In addition, some coatings can only be sprayed while others can only be rolled. If spraying, PMC is one of many specialists. "Your control over the temperature and pressure has a lot to do with maximizing the properties of the coatings themselves," said PMC's Mahaffey. "Being able to dial in your temperature and pressure to very consistent levels will have an effect on maximizing the properties." Besides basic guns and proportioners, one industry trend is toward real-time data logging. For instance, the PHDX-2 hydraulic proportioner includes a data board developed by PMC's sister company Komo Machine, Inc. that digitally logs application parameters. "Basically, you're confirming the machine was doing what it was supposed to do, so you're at least taking that part out of the equation if there's a problem later and you're going back to troubleshoot. ere are certain applications where a data record can be necessary, such as doing bridge decking, anything where you're going to have a potable water coating applied, secondary food contact, and certain government or corporate type jobs." Another spray technology provider is WIWA, LLC, which offers units such as the Duomix 333 plural-component spray system; Herkules single-leg sprayers; and the PU 540 polyurea/polyurethane foam system. Tough as Steel e most consistent theme across steel projects is the need for customization. Since each environment can be unique, having a broad base of knowledge is a crucial first step toward developing a successful jobsite plan. "Everyone is looking for life cycle improvements, and that's driven by a lack of dollars to keep doing these jobs," said Sherwin-Williams' Morris. "So the question is, what's going to get them to that next milestone? For example, how can they go from a 10- to 12-year cycle to a 20- to 25-year cycle?" e questions surrounding steel jobs are tough, but contractors are, too. W hen armed with ample background knowledge and steely resolve, crews can survive and even thrive when coating these complex steel substrates. CP Sherwin-Williams' Morris explained the life cycle improvement goal: "So the question is, what's going to get them to that next milestone? For example, how can they go from a 10- to 12-year cycle to a 20- to 25-year cycle?" VENDOR TEAM Safespan Equipment manufacturer 252 Fillmore Ave. Tonawanda, NY 14150 (800) 368-4010 Sherwin-Williams Coating manufacturer 101 W Prospect Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115 (800) 524-5979 The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) Education 800 Trumbull Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15205 (412) 281-2331 Tnemec Inc. Coating manufacturer 6800 Corporate Dr. Kansas City, MO 64120 (800) 863-6321 Tyvek by DuPont Protection Solutions Safety equipment manufacturer 5401 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Richmond, VA 23234 (800) 441-7515 United Rentals Equipment supplier 100 First Stamford Pl. #700 Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 622-3131 U.S. Minerals Material manufacturer 18635 West Creek Dr. Tinley Park, IL 60477 (219) 864-0909 WIWA Equipment manufacturer 107 N Main St. Alger, OH 45812 (419) 757-0141 Steely Resolve

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