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COATINGSPRO STEEL SURFACES 2019 7 steel substrate is it? Is it new or used? W hat type of steel is it? Because that will dictate some of the surface profile. en, what is the environment — indoors, outdoors, middle of winter, or middle of summer? Do you have full access, or is it a confined space or restricted access? Because you might not be able to get some of your desired equipment in." "en we move on to more application details," Nisill continued. "Is it structural steel, is it a tank, is it a piece of equipment, is it indoors or outdoors? W hat is the condi- tion of the substrate — is it wet, dirty, or porous? And if it's an existing coating, do we know what that is? Has it been impregnated with some sort of solution? A lso, there can be issues with the timing of our access. Do we have as long as we need to work, or is someone on an extremely tight deadline? Because that can dictate which coating we offer and how we recommend it be applied." Environmental Controls One of the defining characteristics of steel projects is the diversity of locations. "A lot of these projects are in differ- ent areas of the country and different elevations," said Scott Arendt, business development manager at Aggreko. "Some are next to oceans, some next to mountains, and some in refineries. ere's shipyard work with lots of humidity. It's a challenge for contractors." To help better control temperature and relative humid- ity, for example, Aggreko's line of rentals includes desic- cant and refrigerated dehumidifiers, as well as solutions for power generation, heaters, cooling, energy storage, and more. United Rentals is a separate specialist in this space. "Weather is the biggest challenge for the contractor," said Aggreko's Arendt. "at's why they use environmental equipment to get the project done on time and on schedule while maintaining the correct conditions. at can include anything from high humidity areas, hot temperature areas, or cooling factors working in some of these tanks." "For example, when working with contractors in Texas during the heat of summer and they're inside one of these steel structures that the sun is beating down on all day, cooling is a priority," Arendt added. "Not just for the appli- cation, but also for the crew workers. It helps the schedule, so they're not taking as many breaks. en doing projects outdoors in the winter can be challenging as well. ere are calculations that have to be done in order to apply a coating when it's freezing outside." With pipes, one frequently encountered issue is that the substrate temperature needs to remain 5 °F (2.8 °C) above the dew point, according to Belzona's Nisill. "is is key when you're doing applications such as steel pipes that have a fluid inside, normally a colder fluid, but the environment outside is warmer," he said. "If you get less than that difference, the pipe will sweat." For interior projects, such as tank linings, Arendt notes that it can sometimes be difficult to get equipment into those locations. As a result, Aggreko offers different sizes of its dehumidifiers, heating, and cooling equipment for tight workplaces. e company points to its strong service and safety record, adding that it prioritizes working with contrac- tors on any issues with the selected rental equipment. PPE Priorities Once arriving at a steel jobsite, wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is an important first step for crew members. W hile needs will vary some based on the equip- ment, materials, and processes used, common themes do run across most potential projects. Once the location and environment have been accommodated, workers' safety needs to be considered. Personal protective equipment (PPE) will vary depending on the equipment used and tasks completed, such as a Bristle Blaster at heights. "I think one of the greatest differences with steel is the impact the environment can have on it before you're able to coat it," said Nick Dunn, sales manager with Aggreko, which offers a line of dehumidifiers. Steely Resolve

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