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Beneath the surface Group publisher bill Wageneck +1 281-228-6441, editor stephanie Marie Chizik ManaGinG editor eliina lizarraga teChniCal editor Malcolm Mcneil ContributinG editor Jack innis Finding Balance I 've been thinking a lot about balance these days — not the balance of gravity, although that's also definitely on my mind often, since the wobbly and klutzy genes run rampant in my family. No, it's that typical work/life balance that we're continuously hearing about that has me thinking. Apparently, we're supposed to be striving to find a magic number of hours where we spend just enough time at work to get the job done well and just enough time at home to feel like you're really participating. But for some reason, there are many people out there who try to tell you how to make that balance work. Don't work on weekends. Only work core hours. Don't take lunch at your desk. If each of us is unique, though, wouldn't our take on balance be unique, too? Shouldn't our form of balance be different than the next man or woman's? In the coatings world, balance comes in all different forms. Think about all of the aspects that you need to balance on any given day. Work. Safety. Profit. Travel. Investments. Around every corner is a new consideration for you to balance against everything else you do, everything else that's already consuming your time. So when you're considering taking on something new, do you think about whether or not it's worth your time? Your effort? Your money? Will it make your job easier? Better? Quicker? There's no magic equation to tell us what will be worth our time and effort in the long run, so you're left trusting your gut instead. Luckily, in this month's issue, we've given you a few examples of how balance may be achieved in the coatings industry — or how to avoid something that might throw that balance off. An example of balance of weather and work is given in the feature story on page 56 called "Detention Center Coatings Go for Green Verdict." Find out how this Chicago-based company worked with the weather to stay within their time-line. Another balance highlighted covers the money coming into your business (versus the money going out). This month's Money Matters, on page 28, gives some suggestions on how you can start to collect money from your clients in a more effective way. In this month's Never Again, the author touches on the balance between trusting your crew to work well independently and keeping a close eye on them throughout the job (page 68). It's a tricky balance, but one that must be figured out for positive results. Working in balance — between work and life, within work and life — is crucial. It's difficult. And it's unique to you. There's no "one size fits all kind" of solution. Maybe if we all try to perfect the art of balance in our lives, we'll hit something close enough to make us feel like we've done a job well. What the "well" is? Well, that's up to you to decide. CP Stephanie Marie Chizik Editor Letters to the editor are always welcome. We reserve the right to edit for space considerations. E-mail responses may be sent to Or mail to: Editor, CoatingsPro Magazine, 4501 Mission Bay Drive, Ste. 2G, San Diego, CA 92109 10 CoatingsPro g July 2013 Contributors Martin M. bloomenthal lee brooks al dias Jennifer Frakes deb potter brian Moran Craig Firl dave purkiss Copy editors Julie berry robin Cheslock editorial advisory Kellie allen/Jack allen, inc. 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