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JUL 2013

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ContraCtor's Corner Work With Intention: Components of Performance Time By Brian Moran, President and Founder of Strategic Breakthroughs E ven in this era of innovation and technological advancement, time, more than any other resource, is the limiting factor. Let's face it: Everything you want to accomplish in life requires an investment of your time. It is the one truly universal condition, and it is finite. Even more vexing is the fact that the supply of time is completely inelastic. No matter the magnitude of demand, the supply is fixed. Moreover, it's perishable. And yet, time is perhaps the most squandered of all personal resources. To become great, you must choose to allocate your time to your greatest opportunities. You will have to choose to spend time on the difficult things that create your biggest payoffs. Think about how many different items are on your to-do list just today. Following up on past jobs. Bidding on new jobs. Marketing your company. Hiring new applicators. Meeting potential clients. Approving time sheets. The duties at your coatings contracting company are endless. But to be great and to have the chance at building a great company and living a great life, you will need to live with intention. This will require you to be clear on what matters most and then to have the courage to say no to things that don't. Distractions are your enemy. You will need to guard your time intensely, delegating or eliminating everything possible that is not one of your strengths or does not help you advance your goals and accepting onto your plate the things that will. To be your best, you must intentionally align your time and activities with your strengths and your unique capabilities. When you do, you will also experience a new and ever-increasing 32 CoatingsPro g July 2013 To be your best, you must intentionally align your time and activities with your strengths and your unique capabilities. level of performance and satisfaction. To achieve this level of performance will require that you carve out time for the strategic activities — those actions that are important but not necessarily urgent. Strategic activities don't typically have an immediate payback, yet they create substantial returns in the future. To stay focused on your strengths, then, you will need to manage your interruptions and strategic activities and keep the low-payoff activities to a minimum. Planning each day is the key. In spite of the priceless value of time, many people engage each day on its own terms. In other words, they satisfy the various demands of the day as they are presented in a linear manner, spending whatever time is needed to respond without giving much thought as to the relative value of the activity. This is a reactive approach in which the day is controlling you, thus preventing you from performing at your best. But what if you could take a proactive approach where you control your day? Maybe then you and consequently your company will be able to perform better. Time Blocking The key to successful time use — intentional time use — is not trying to eliminate these unplanned interruptions but instead

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