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JUL 2013

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No WalK iN the PaRK ABOVE "This project was like a NASA space launch; we had a backup plan for everything. There was a lot of pressure on us, yet in the end, we got done on time," said Innovative President Don Dancey. After the polyurethane protective coat dried, the crew swept off the excess quartz and vacuumed. They then used 3/8-inch (0.95 cm) nap rollers to install Freedom's Gripseal clear aliphatic topcoat at 5 mils (127 microns) DFT in one pass. house of hoRRoR A few weeks after phase one, the same teams came back to tackle phase two. Thankfully, the crews encountered no significant delays, and the theme park reopened the kiddie ride right on cue. What could have been a house of horror turned out to be a roller coaster ride — full of ups and downs but ultimately ending well. But the project didn't end there. "The coating system we installed is designed for ultra-high abrasion, such as loading docks and parking structure radius curves where you have extreme abrasive activities going on," said Dancey. "But on this project, there were pinpoint areas of ridiculously high wear. Where the kiddie cars slide from one revolving plate to another revolving plate travelling in the opposite direction, the hard polyurethane castors suddenly change direction of travel and rotation." These 4-square-inch (26 cm²) areas get hammered by the casters thousands of times per day. The areas absorb a beating no coating can survive! If left unchecked, the castors would eventually wear holes in the metal ride plates. The only solution was to come up with a system to allow park maintenance crews to apply polyurea patches when needed. "There were certain areas where it didn't matter what we put down; wear simply couldn't be avoided," said Kyle Flanagan, Freedom's technical director. "We created two patch kits that are variations on the same formula: One is extremely hard while the other has a very low coefficient of friction. Right now, they're evaluating which method works best, which is the more maintenance friendly solution." Between added attractions at existing parks and ongoing maintenance projects, it looks like coatings professionals such as Freedom, EER, and Innovative will have their hands full for the foreseeable future. "We're proud our material is down and meeting customer requirements," said Flanagan. "This is the highest degree of abrasion I've ever seen and really a unique situation — maybe the only one like it in the world." EER's Hendrickson was thankful his crew had enough experience, and equipment, to handle this project. "I thought we did well," said Hendrickson. "We've been around long enough to know that if one thing doesn't work, something else will. A job like this, you can't show up with one or two tools and expect to get it done. You have to use every tool in your toolbox." Dancey is pleased at the way his crew handled this job's tilt-awhirl pace and squeezed what would normally have been a single, three-week assignment into two, six-day projects. And they did it completely behind the scenes to help maintain the illusion that kids were stepping into a movie. "I felt very comfortable with these guys," Dancey said of his crew. "Most have been with me 10 years, and we've done almost everything that can be done with polyurea. This project was like a NASA space launch; we had a backup plan for everything. There was a lot of pressure on us, yet in the end, we got done on time." But hey! Nobody said this kiddie ride would be a walk in the park! cP veNdoR team 3M Colored quartz manufacturer 3M Center St. Paul, MN 55144 (800) 364-3577 Graco Inc. Fluid handling equipment 88-11th Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 (800) 647-4336 Blastrac Surface preparation machines 13201 North Santa Fe Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73114 (800) 256-3440 Innovatech Products Terminator mechanized floor scrapers 832 80th St. SW. Everett, WA 98203 (800) 267-6682 EER INC. Surface prep specialists 145 Pacific Street Pomona, CA 91768 (800) 734-2861 METABO CORP Angler grinders 1231 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA 19380 (800) 638-2264 Freedom Chemical Corp. Coatings system 14056 Artesia Blvd. Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 343-9697 July 2013 g 43

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