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JUL 2013

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JoB At A GlAnCe use these openings for fresh air. They used three heavy duty displacement fans to evacuate any overspray. Another fan was used to help with circulation. Combined, these two machines helped to create a positive air flow into the room. Also protected by full spray suits, coated gloves, and full-face respirators, two of the crewmen headed inside to coat the four walls, six columns, and a couple of beams. Using a Titan 440 and a Fusion MP gun, Keough applied 10 to 12 mils (254‒305 microns) of VersaFlex's AquaVers 20 Potable Water Primer in one coat. "The only person who runs the guns and holds the trigger would be Joe," explained Tanner. And that works for Joe, too, who said that his half of the partnership is to get the job done. As for the other crewmen on the job, Keough had one guy inside the tank with him to move the hose or a light that might have been in his way. He had one man in the trailer to monitor for temperatures and pressures of the two-part system for any ratio problems. And he had another guy standing in between the trailer and the tank, who acted as the man in the middle in case of an emergency. Although every crewmember had a hand-held radio, they didn't want to rely on that technology alone. When it came to safety, this crew made sure to take multiple precautions. Therefore, in between the trailer and the hatch, they had one of their crew position himself so that he was able to have visual contact with everyone from the applicator to the crewmember at the rig. The man standing at the hatch was able to communicate with everyone in case their hand-held radios failed to work. "Yelling and screaming may work when there is no spraying being done, but once the full-face respirator is on, the hand signals work best," explained Keough. The presence of that additional crew member, then, would help the rest of the crewmen "find out about an issue immediately, so that guy would be there at all times to quickly arrest the problem or issue," Tanner said. Since this could be anything from a gun problem or slip and fall, this was an important job. Thankfully, he didn't have to test his shouting or signaling PROJECT: To coat the interior walls and floor of the 25-year-old tank in North Lauderdale with a potable water polyurea coating system COATINGS CONTRACTOR: ZTI, LLC 2813 NE 21 Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 (954) 275-8652 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: 30 employees SIZE OF CREW: 6 crewmen PRIME CLIENT: City of North Lauderdale 701 SW 71 Ave. North Lauderdale, FL 33068 (954) 724-7070 SUBSTRATE: Concrete CONdITION OF SUBSTRATE: Solid, but severely honeycombed SIZE OF JOB: 3,000 square feet (279 m²) dURATION: 1 week UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: beLow ZTI takes a special approach to safety, particularly with a tank job such as this one. They use hand-held radios, but also keep a crew member at the top of the hatch to use hand-signals as a backup. ¢ Crew arrived onsite the first day to find that the abrasive-blasting left honeycombing on the walls ¢ Rain caused a delay in the schedule as well as slight leaking at the onset of the job ¢ Coatings needed to meet NSF/ANSI 61.5 for drinking water system components MATERIALS/PROCESSES: ¢ Troweled on Cement All to entire surface of the interior of the tank ¢ Spray-applied one coat at 10–12 mils (254–305 microns) of VersaFlex's AquaVers 20 Potable Water Primer ¢ Spray-applied one coat at 80 mils (2,032 microns) of VersaFlex's AquaVers 405 Potable Water Spray Polyurea at a 1:1 ratio ¢ Used a Titan 440 on the primer and a Gusmer 20/35 on the polyurea with a Fusion MP gun SAFETY CONSIdERATIONS: ¢ Used positive air flow and wore full spray suits, coated gloves, and full-face respirators ¢ Used hand-held radios for communication between all crewmen ¢ Kept a crew member in between the trailer and the tank in case the radios failed to work in an emergency July 2013 g 65

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