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other accumulated materials. The VL Series offers 7x less vibration than traditional needle scalers; the internal air pressure is used to absorb the recoil and impact from the anvil and needles, and lower vibration reduces operator fatigue, increases efficiency, and helps to prevent injury. An optional dust shroud helps to maintain a clean working environment AWS Urethane 520 base coat that is then top coated with AWS Silicone 410. This system is unmatched for durability and waterproof reliability, especially when used for low-slope or flat roof applications. This system's unique blend of single-component products is durable enough to handle ponding water while offering excellent adhesion and superior UV stability. For more information, contact: AWS, (800) 771-6643, www. Reader Inquiry # 3345 needle scalers offer high Power With Low Vibration CS Unitec has introduced a line of low-vibration needle scalers with an optional dust shroud. The Trelawny Vibro-Lo VL Series is designed for all surfaces — metal and masonry — to remove coatings and corrosion and clean when the tool is attached to a vacuum. For more information, contact: CS Unitec, (800) 700-5919, Reader Inquiry # 3346 The JobsiTe LUnChbox W h e n M i d - At l a nt i c coatings contractors are on the go and need to refuel fast, they know that they can head to their local Wawa for a variety of offerings. Named after a Native American term for the Canada Goose found in the Delaware Valley, this convenience store chain (and sometimes gas station) gives contractors the chance to pick up a pre-made lunch, use the touchscreen for a custom-made meal, or just grab a quick snack. Seen here is the chicken salad sandwich with spicy mustard, hot peppers, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Throw in one of Wawa's drinks, like a diet iced tea lemonade (aka Arnold Palmer), and you're on your way to a full 76 coatingsPro g July 2013 Photo courtesy of Blair Construction LLC tank and a full stomach! Have a "Jobsite Lunchbox" meal you'd like to brag about? Send your favorite to We can't guarantee that it will make it into the next issue, but we can guarantee the CP staff will be drooling all the way to noon! new Mini spectrophotometer X-R ite, Incorporated and its wholly owned subsidiary Pantone is launching its Ci4200 compact spectrophotometer as a precise and affordable solution for companies that want to establish or improve color control progra ms i n i ndust ria l set t i ngs. T he Ci420 0 is an easy-to-use, 31-point spherical spectrophotometer that manufacturers can harness quickly to measure the colors of coatings, textiles, plastics, and other materials to reduce rejection rates and scrap, improve speed to market, and enhance their positions within supply chains. With its attractive price point, the new instrument is particularly well suited for companies that want to improve on existing color measurement programs that currently rely on non-spectral devices or only visual inspection pass/fail methods. For more information, contact: X-Rite, (800) 248-9748, Reader Inquiry # 3347 Rhino introduces solarMax 11-70 Color stable Polyurea Rhino Linings Corporation announces the release of SolarMax 11-70, a pure polyurea aliphatic coating that is UV and color stable and highly resistant to humidity and substrate moisture during application. SolarMax 11-70 is a 100 percent solids (zero VOC) high pressure spray-applied polyurea coating that is ideal for industrial and consumer applications where color and gloss retention are critical. The polyurea/polyaspartic chemistry behind this product allows the coating to be sprayed in hot and dry climates as well as high humidity climates without foaming or blistering. Thanks to its dense chemistry, it resists the effects of wind-driven rain, salts, and most chemicals. Used on a properly

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