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JUL 2013

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T e c h Tricks Coatings See, Coatings Do A Photo courtesy of Freedom Chemical Corp. ccording to industr y experts, look ing for a consistent color in your coatings can help you gauge whether or not the parts are mixed correct ly. Some coat ings require t hat you mechanically mix them in a container. Consider using your eyesight as a secondary check for the right mix on these types of coatings. Mix the two parts together until the color looks completely homogenous, but be sure not to mix for too long if pot life is a concern. The appearance of a consistent color, though not foolproof, can work as a check to make sure you've got a proper mix. What you see is most likely what you'll get! CP Don't face a coating failure due to salts. Chlor*TesT™ Field Test Kit Chlor*rid® Liquid Salt Remover 800.422.3217 Write in Reader Inquiry #142 78 coatingsPro g July 2013

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