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JUL 2013

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How to Repair Potable Water Tanks? 100% PURE POLYUREA COATING & LINING SOLUTION TM TM P R I M E R TM ANSI/NSF 61.5 APPROVED Not only is AquaVersTM ANSI/NSF 61.5 approved, but it is one of the highest rated pure polyurea systems for potable water application available. AquaVersTM is the only polyurea system qualifed for high temperature service up to 60° +/- 2° C (140° F). VersaFlex coating systems also have a superior rating for minimum vessel (tank) size and no limits on the maximum thickness applied. For the AquaVers 201TM, minimal tank size is 50 gallons; for the Aquavers 405TM, minimal tank size is 1,000 gallons. Many other polyurea systems have much more stringent restrictions for temperature range and minimum tank size in potable water applications. VersaFlex® - We are "The Polyurea People®." Specify our "Industry Best" AquaVersTM 100% pure polyurea ANSI/NSF approved tank and pipeline coatings today! Find out more! - Free Info 68 6 South Adams St re e t Kans as Ci ty , KS 661 05 8 5 5 . 3 1 1 . 7 6 3 8 v e r safl ex.c om July 2013 Write in Reader Inquiry #17 g 7

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