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28 JULY 2014 COATINGSPROMAG.COM W hether it's a durable cool roof, a hospita l operating room, or a commercia l v inyl f loor, demand for sustainable coatings continues to r ise. Some familiar dr ivers remain relevant while others have come to the forefront as new technologies develop. T hese sustain- abilit y dr ivers have a llowed high-per- for mance coatings to take market share from other competing technol- ogies, such as sheet membranes, wa xes, and hardscape products. A nd whether these technologies are new or have been around for a while, they are deliver ing on severa l of the key sustainabilit y dr ivers building decision makers are look ing for — long-ter m durabilit y to lower the carbon footpr int, energ y efficienc y and energ y mitigation, and a reduc- tion in volatile organic compounds ( VOC) and hazardous air pollutants (H A P) — while retaining key design elements, such as aesthetics, gloss retention, and color stabilit y. What Affects Sustainability? A s sustainabi lit y requirements become more preva lent in constr uc- tion projects, coatings technolog ies have adapted to address the indus- tr y's needs. T he requirements related to coatings that ma ke the largest contr ibution to more sustainably desig ned bui ld ings and inf rastr uc- ture inc lude: • Energy efficiency and reduction, which reduces the carbon footprint of a building • More stringent regulations regarding the levels of VOCs and HAPs in a paint or coating • Higher durability, which results in a longer life cycle for a completed project • Indoor air quality and the reduc- tion of odor for the contractor and occupants Because of their w idely adjust- able attr ibutes, high-per for mance coatings can be for mu lated to prov ide the durabi lit y and prefer red content requirements now specif ied by many of the g reen bui ld ing g uidelines and can contr ibute to one or severa l of these requirements. T here are severa l market applications that are g reat ex amples of where sustainable coatings solutions are in use and replacing competitive a lter natives. P h o to co u r te s y o f B ay e r M ate r ia l S c i e n ce From a sustainability standpoint, any cool roof system refects a great deal of the heat that can permeate into a building on a sunny day, requiring a heavier energy load from the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Notes From The Field In the Field of Sustainable Coatings By Steven Reinstadtler, Marketing Manager for Construction Coatings for Bayer MaterialScience LLC CPRO 0714.indd 28 6/30/14 2:34 PM

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