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78 NOVEMBER 2014 COATINGSPROMAG.COM One of the company's most popular tool tether series is the "Multi-Mount" clamp-on tool retractor for web belts up to 2.25 inches (57 mm) for tools up to 36 oz. (1,021 g). Each tether in the series comes complete with the unique two-axis, rotating clamp-on belt clip that ofers complete range of motion for any job. Te 360-degree, two-axis rotation is a low-profle, compact mounting system that permits 360 degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of swing-away from the body. For more information, contact: Gear Keeper, (888) 588-9981, Reader Inquiry # 3480 Spray-Flex for Safe Cleaning According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls accounted for nearly 35 percent of fatal construction accidents in 2012. Spray- Flex, an easy-to-use new product that's revolutionizing the cleaning industry, keeps workers of slippery ladders while allowing them to complete jobs faster and with greater attention to detail. With Spray-Flex, technicians stay safely on the ground while gaining access to difcult-to-reach areas, such as vehicle roofs and undercarriages, or hard-to- reach nooks and crannies in buildings. Spray-Flex wand attachments ft easily to the end of any pressure washing system wand, and the Spray-Flex always holds its shape, even under the extreme force of a pressure-washing wand. Spray-Flex systems allow for washing from multiple distances; the 24-foot (7 m) pole system lets technicians on the ground reach as high as two stories. Te 36-inch (91 cm) wand system allows for comfortable cleaning at eye-level, and the shorter gun system makes it easy to get up close and personal with tough spots. Te fexible Spray-Flex attach- ment easily interchanges with all three models. For more information, contact: Spray-Flex, Reader Inquiry # 3481 Concrete Additive for Ready- Mix Concrete SUPER-KRETE International, Inc. announces immediate availability of Concrete BOOST!, ready-mix concrete booster that makes concrete stron- ger, harder, and waterproof. Concrete BOOST! is designed as a smaller dose for use with a ready-mix sack up to 90 lbs. (41 kg). Adding one bottle of Concrete BOOST! to a sack of ready-mix concrete will improve the overall matrix of the concrete by increasing strength up to 23 percent, waterproofng the concrete, resisting shrinkage cracks, and improving the workability of the mix. Te treated concrete results are signif- icant reduction in permeability, efo- rescence, susceptibility to freeze/thaw damage, and resistance to water, radon, and chloride ion intrusion. In concrete countertops, it will help keep slabs from curling as they cure. For more infor- mation, contact: SUPER-KRETE, (800) 995-1716, Reader Inquiry # 3482 New EcoClean VpCI-411 Cleaner/Degreaser Cortec presents VpCI-411, a highly concentrated, heavy-duty, water-di- lutable, D-Limonene-based cleaner/ degreaser liquid with patented Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting technology. VpCI-411 is a super economical replace- ment for numerous surface preparation products saving customer's money and time. Tis biobased, biodegradable product is designed for extra tough cleaning jobs in industrial and commer- cial applications. VpCI-411 efectively cleans heavy-duty machinery, shop tools, hoods, parts-in-process, food process- ing equipment, ofce equipment, foors, walls, lavatories, and desks. It is excel- lent in dissolving grease, oil, parafns, and waxes and ofers a pleasant odor. Tis cleaner/degreaser can be used on all engineering metals and alloys. Unlike other solvent based cleaners, which are harmful to human skin and classifed as hazardous materials, VpCI-411 is completely safe to handle, it is non-toxic, non-abrasive, and extremely economical. For more information, contact: Cortec, (800) 426-7832, Reader Inquiry # 3483 Lucas Expands Product Offering Lucas has added two new package designs to the #4500 Semi-Self Leveling Joint Sealer. Packaging now includes a 28-oz. (794 g) plastic cartridge with a removable tip and a 2-L (3 gallon) re-sealable foil pouch. Both packages will reduce jobsite waste, improve productivity, and reduce landfll trash. #4500 is ideal for flling pitch pans, pockets, roof seams, inlaid gutters, and repairing polyurethane roofs. Compatible with most acrylic and solvent based coating systems, builtup roof (BUR), ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic polyolefn (TPO), and other roofng materials, #4500 is the ideal roof sealant. For more infor- mation, contact: Lucas, (773) 523-4300, Reader Inquiry # 3484 New & Noteworthy

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