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44 JANUARY 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM PHOTOS COURTESY CONCRETE FLOOR COATINGS, INC. BY CHRISTA YOUNGPETER Car Repair Floor Firing on All Cylinders FLOOR CONCRETE EPOXY hen envisioning sleek, electric luxury cars lining the walls of a cavernous repair space, the idea of a pitted, old garage foor doesn't exactly ft in with the vision. Enter California Floor Coatings, Inc. (CFC) and Arizona Polymer Flooring (APF). Together, these two companies worked to transform this 40-year-old concrete slab in Costa Mesa, Calif., that was riddled with damage and moisture issues. Now it's a facility worthy of the much-buzzed-about Tesla name. Location, Location, Location W hile working with a high-end brand isn't always easy, this fnished product highlighted the successful, long-term collab- oration between CFC and APF, and it resulted in materials that matched Tesla's strict quality and aesthetic guidelines. Tim Hickey, president of CFC, was involved in multiple iterations of the project. "It was a cool project. It was going to do a classic car showroom, then Tesla wanted it because it was down the street from their other building, and they wound up keeping the general contractor from the original project," noted Hickey, who was hired by the general contractor. As anyone could see from a cursory glance at the Tesla brand, the company is growing at such a fast rate that they needed more space as soon as possible to accommodate the expansion. Tesla is currently one of the most sought-after brands in motorsports, with its cutting-edge style. Tesla's technology and battery power are especially appealing in green-centric areas. It makes sense, then, that this re-foor project took place in Southern California. A lthough great for Tesla, unfortunately, the major change to the project came after permits for the original showroom had already been approved. T hat meant that all new permits were required, which took nearly a year to get re-approved. Once the ball really began rolling, Hickey explained that Tesla "originally asked for a three-coat system, and we collaborated w ith APF to find the best solution." His relationship w ith APF helped to keep that ball rolling. "Ever y time we use APF, they, as the manufacturer, stand behind it. Once you walk out the door, you can lose your guarantee, but not w ith APF," said Hickey. But as is the case with many coating projects, it was key to

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