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16 MARCH 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM RCMA Merges With Reflective Roof Coatings Institute T he Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association (RCM A) and the Ref lective Roof Coatings Institute (RRCI) have merged together into one industr y association that w ill continue to advance, promote, and expand the national and international market for roof coatings through education, outreach, technical advancement, and advocacy. Bringing the two associa- tions together w ill better position the roof coatings industr y in the various legislative, regulator y, and building code development arenas that affect the two associations' consolidated membership. T he merger between RCM A and RRCI w ill result in a stron- ger, more unified voice for federal and state advocacy initiatives and a more robust communications and marketing program for roof coatings. RCM A has made a number of changes to its committee and task force struc- ture, including the creation of the new RCM A Ref lective Roof Coatings Institute. T hrough the development of technical bulletins, case studies, white papers, and research, this institute w ill allow RCM A to be a tremendous technical and educational resource to the industr y. A strong emphasis w ill be placed on outreach to the end-user of coatings products, so that RCM A can ensure proper and accurate informa- tion is available for his or her benefit. For more information, contact: RCM A , w w Reader Inquiry # 4470 Jessica Ding to Lead North American Marketing Efforts for Dow Yujie (Jessica) Ding has joined Dow Cor ning Cor poration as the company's Nor th A mer ican reg iona l marketer for coatings and constr uc- tion chemica ls. Ding comes to Dow Cor ning f rom Chemtura Cor poration, where she had worked in commercia l and marketing roles in the industr ia l per for mance products and urethanes d iv isions. In her role, Ding is respon- sible for deepening Dow Cor ning's market understand ing in the coatings and constr uction chemica ls markets and for developing and implement- ing tactica l marketing plans. She is based out of Dow Cor ning's Mid land, Mich., location, which is their U. S. headquar ters. "I enjoy work ing in the specia lt y chemica l industr y, and Dow Cor ning is one of the most innova- tive companies in the f ield," Ding said. Br ing ing a mi x of technica l, manufactur ing , and business ex per i- ence to her new role, Ding holds a doctorate in poly mer chemistr y f rom the Universit y of Connecticut and a Bachelor of Science deg ree in chemis- tr y f rom Nanjing (China) Universit y. For more infor mation, contact: Dow Cor ning , w w w.dowcor Reader Inquiry # 4471 2015 AIA Institute Honor Awards T he A mer ican Institute of A rchitects (A I A) has selected the 2015 recipi- ents of the Institute Honor Awards, the profession's highest recog nition of works that exemplif y excel lence in architecture, inter ior architec- ture, and urban desig n. Selected f rom roughly 500 submissions, 23 recipients located throughout the world w i l l be honored at the A I A 2015 Nationa l Convention and Desig n Ex position in At lanta. T he 2015 A I A Institute Honor Award for A rchitecture jur y inc ludes Ca lv in Lew is, FA I A (Chair), Iowa State Universit y; R ay Ca labro, FA I A , Bohlin Cy w insk i Jackson; Nicole Gerou, A I A S Student Representative, Law rence Technolog ica l Universit y; A na Guer ra, A ssoc. A I A , Jacobs; Sher r i Gutier rez, A I A , A rquitectonica; Ji l l Ler ner, FA I A , Kohn Pedersen Fox; James McDona ld, A I A , A&E A rchitects; Wa l ler McGuire, Executive Director, St. Louis Public Librar y; and A ngela O'By r ne, FA I A , Perez. For more infor mation, contact: A I A , (800) 242-3837, w w Reader Inquiry # 4472 New Modeling Tool Funded by Oregon BEST A unique modeling tool developed at Por t land State Universit y (PSU) w ith suppor t f rom Oregon BEST is helping loca l g reen roof manufacturer Columbia Green Technolog ies speed adoption of g reen roofs to meet leg is- lation aimed at reducing combined sewer over f lows dur ing heav y rains and thereby g row ing the Por t land- based star tup's nationa l market share. T he new tool is the resu lt of a research project f unded by Oregon BEST and is led by Graig Spolek, a PSU professor and d irector of the Green Roof & Desig n Lab. Columbia Green uses the tool when work ing w ith civ i l eng ineers and architects who need accurate, quantitative data about how much stor mwater a g reen roof in a specif ic geog raphica l location w i l l both retain and detain. T he new tool, which can generate data specif ic to geog raphic areas and weather patter ns, g ives Columbia Green a competitive advantage when the company interacts w ith poten- tia l c lients. " T he abi lit y to quantif y our per for mance w ith this deg ree of accurac y is unique, so it 's a sig nif- icant advantage for us," said Robin Schneider, marketing d irector at Columbia Green. For more infor ma- tion, contact: Oregon BEST, (503) 725 -98 49, w w Reader Inquiry # 4473 Building Code Seminars Offered by American Concrete Institute T he A mer ica n Concrete Inst it ute is of fer ing a ser ies of semina rs t his yea r to foc us on t he newly released ACI 318 -14, Bu i ld ing Code Requ irements for Str uct ura l Concrete a nd Commenta r y. T he new ACI 318 -14 Industry Briefs

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