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MAR 2015

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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2015 21 will be terminated. Do you plan to stop at the joint or cut a keyway to terminate into the joint? If you are stopping at a doorway, what side will you stop on, and will you install a threshold over the termi- nation? • What are the installation tempera- tures expected to be, and how will this impact cure times? • Will the project have the potential to reach dew point? • Have you addressed the joints with the customer? For example, will they be monolithic or honored? Have the potential risks of cracking with monolithic joints been expressed to the client? Will the joint material selected hold up in the environment of the facility? • Have you reviewed the safety data sheets (SDS) for the chemicals used at the client's facility to determine the impact they will have on the flooring system? • If this is an existing facility/demo, have National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) and asbestos testing been performed prior to disturb- ing the existing coating, flooring, or substrate? This is both a federal and county requirement and can bring severe penalties if not administered. • If this is new construc- tion, how many square feet will they be releas- ing to you at one time? It is very common on a large new construc- tion project for you to have several different areas released to you at one time in different parts of the facility. • If this is new construction, will other trades be coming in behind you to finish construction? If so, how much time will you need for the floor to cure first? • If this is new construction, how will the newly installed flooring system be protected from other trades, and who will be respon- sible for installing the protective covering? Also, who will be responsible for repairing any floor coating damages made from other trades coming in after you? • Have you reviewed access for prep equipment or material deliveries? • Can the facility meet your power Money Matters every mission a for SPY Inspect Any Metal Surface Coating SPY® Model 780, 785 and 790 Portable Holiday Detectors SPY® Wet Sponge Portable Holiday Detectors SPY® In-Plant Holiday Detector Systems For pipes, tanks or any coated contoured surface in the feld or inside your manufacturing facility, we simplify coating integrity testing with our full line of SPY® portable and permanent Holiday Detectors. • New ergonomic design • Pipe coating inspections up to 60" • Extremely durable • Infnite voltage setting on the fy • No belts, lightweight, fast set-up • Sponge roller speeds large fat surface area inspections • Interchangeable fat or roller sponge • Custom designed to streamline manufacturing • From pipecoating inspections to large fat surfaces Compact, lightweight wet sponge holiday detectors Reliable continuous inspections on the assembly line For more details on SPY® products and our complete line of SPY® Holiday Detection Equipment visit our website @ PIPELINE INSPECTION COMPANY Ph: (713) 681-5837 Fax: (713) 681-4838 Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #119

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