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MAR 2015

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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2015 31 Specifying Success Measures: Surface Profle Soluble Surface Salt Climatic Conditions Coating Thickness Built in GPS (860)683-0781 Finally, one instrument that meets all the needs of the protective coatings industry. Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #135 to remove one whole coating cycle from the application of urethane style paint systems applied to the steel we use on architectural projects, and it certainly would prove its worth on projects that incorporate a great deal of painted steel members, such as sports facilities. Te product is in use in my local area by knowledgeable painters, and several national manufacturers can provide a range of formulations. However, care must be taken as touch up and recoat- ing in the dirty, damaging world of the construction site is expensive. Te water-borne fuoropolymer is entering the market, and it appears to be establishing itself as a solution to failing roof coatings on metal and other substrates. Te prep and application seems straightforward and uncompli- cated and certainly easy to clean up if wet! Tere are contractors who are famil- iar with the products in their current incarnation as recoating products. It is important not to compare these two types of products, though. In fact, we wouldn't specify these coatings for the same work on the same job. Tis isn't an either/or scenario but rather a situation where we may add new systems into a list to potentially specify. I will talk it over within our specif- cations group, but my impression is that we will add both to the specifcation: the polyaspartic as an option for steel above the frst story where any small imperfections will not be visible, and the water-borne PVDF as an option for getting the steel doors along the build- ing façade to match the curtain wall. Any coatings specifed would be used after consultation with the manufacturer, painting professional, and us as the specifers — all working to provide the best project for the owner. CP Marc Chavez is an e x per ienced architect w it h a technica l bent. He has been involved in t he creat ion of a w ide var iet y of new bu i ld ings and histor ic restorat ions. His e x per t ise in architect ura l pract ice is centered on document product ion, specif ica- t ions, and const r uct ion management. He has been act ively conduct ing mater ia l research for const r uc- t ion for more t han 17 years. A n engag ing spea ker, Chavez has presented papers on a var iet y of topics at t he loca l and reg iona l level , in on l ine webinars, and onsite presentat ions at locat ions around t he count r y. He cur rent ly work s at Zimmer Gunsu l Frasca , act ing as an architect for t he const r uct ion of new bu i ld ings and w r it ing specif icat ions. For more infor mat ion, contact: Marc Chavez, (206) 521-3492, w w w.zg

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